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an unexpected journey
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Throughout the movie I had many thoughts and opinions, was too busy watching to write them down but some characters left lasting impressions and this articolo is sure to rank them out:

1. Thorin Oakenshield - His character goes through so much throughout this 144 minuto movie, he is shown to embody the greed the dwarves are known for later to mostra the bravery they are also known for. da the end he has proven himself a worthy king who leads his army of fourteen{add o take} to make a difference. ooh and his fight scene with the bad guy was legendary!

~ Bilbo Baggins - He s a diplomat da all means,...
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QUESTION: Can te talk about when te first met Peter Jackson and his collaborators, and how te came to write the song I See fuoco for the film?

ED SHEERAN: I first met Peter in March. I did a mostra in Wellington and his daughter, Katie, came down. Then I was invited around for lunch the successivo day, we hung out, and it was fun. About six months later, I got a call asking if I wanted to be involved in the end credit song. So I instantly got a plane to New Zealand, met everyone that was involved in the film and watched the film. Then I wrote the song.

QUESTION: What was your reaction when te saw...
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