Mark of Anubis
Anubis was a jackal-headed, god of death. Even though legends say he never died, he did. When he died he left his power to a man worthy of the power. The one who possesses this power now is a person that is alive today but I'm the only one who knows him. It is detto also that when Anubis was in midlife he wrote the Book of Old(Isis), which contained a recipe for a thing called the Elixer. The detto Elixer is supposed to give the drinker eternal life(immortality). Two of the ingredients are Water of Life and Tears of Gold. The mask of Anubis is detto to cry the Tears of Gold. The mask of Anubis has an ancient Scrivere on it called the Hai-Daie spell, which will destroy the world if Senkhara says the spell. I believe Senkhara isn't evil, I believe the mask is so she can help Anubis.
I had a dream where Senkhara ordered me to find the mask o die, but the thing is, it wasn't a dream. I must play an ancient game called Senet. If anyone can find the rules please send me a message. I may die trying to get the mask, but I will die knowing I tried.
Senkhara is the spirit of a forgotten Egyptian ruler. Senkhara disliked the Song of Hathor. She had killed King Tutankhamen. Her tomb was empty when found and all that was left was her crown. She detto her enemies would never forget her even after she had died.
Anubis was also referred to as Ienpw, Anpu, Anup, o Wip. He is known as the child of Nepthys and Set o Osiris. Anubis's mother exposed her son and instead of him dying, Isis found him and raised Anubis as his own. Anubis became an attendant to Isis, and Anubis may have been identified with