Ashley: Umm...I was just doing homework.

Victor: With the doors locked?

Ashley: I like peace and quiet.

Victor: What's wrong with your room?

Ashley: Everyone's in there discussing my party.

Victor: For what?

Ashley: For welcoming me.

Victor: I see.*leaves*

Ashley: Senkhara? Senkhara, are te still here?



-in Amber, Nina, and Ashley's room-
Nina: Think about it guys. Why would Ashley be working with Victor?

Fabian: Maybe he's still trying to make the elixir.

Nina: But what would Ashley know about that?

Jerome: We don't know anything about Ashley.

Eddie: That's why we should throw her that welcoming party.

Nina: But-

Joy: Eddie's right. It's the only other way we can get to know her.

Nina: Fine.

-The successivo Day, at breakfast-
*Nina, Amber, Ashley, and Fabian are eating there breakfast*
Amber: Since te know about your party, we have decided to throw it tonight.

Ashley: I can't wait.


Ashley:*takes King Tut book out of her book bag she put under her chair* Here.*hands it to Fabian*

Fabian:*takes it* te finished it?

Ashley: Yeah. I'm a pretty fast reader.

Fabian: Oh.

Ashley: What did te do, Nina?
*all the other students enter the dining room*
Nina: What do te mean?

Ashley: I mean, what did te do at your welcoming party?

Nina: Oh, umm...Mine was so long ago. I don't remember.

Ashley: Oh.*turns to Eddie* What about you?

Eddie: I just told everyone about myself.

Ashley: Oh. Interesting.*eats an mela, apple slice*

-at school, in the drama club-
*Nina, Amber, and Fabian are talking about Ashley's party*
Amber: So we tell Trudy it's Ashley's birthday-

Nina: Why not we tell her truth?

Amber: That we're trying to find if Ashley is working for Vic-

Fabian: I think Nina means telling Trudy that we are throwing her a welcoming party.

Amber: Oh.

-in the girls' bathroom-
Ashley:*takes book of Isis out of her bag* Senkhara?

Senkhara:*appeared in the mirror* Put it away!

Ashley:*puts book away* I need te to tell me why te want this book? And why I have this strange feeling I meet Nina Martin somewhere?

Senkhara: I will tell te when the time is right.*disappears*

Ashley:*sighs and walks out of bathroom*

-back with Nina, Fabian, and Amber-
Amber: We don't even know what she likes.

Nina: It's a welcoming party Amber, not a wedding.

Ashley:*enters and sits in chair across from Fabian* ciao guys.

Fabian: Hey.

Nina and Amber: Hi.

Ashley: About my party-

Nina:*concerned look* te don't want te one?

Ashley: No, sorry.

Amber: Why not?

Ashley: I'm not into parties.

Fabian: te seemed pretty into it when te told.

Ashley: I know, it's just...I changed my mind.

Fabian: Oh.

Ashley: I have to go.*gets up and leaves*

Amber: How are we going to get to find out if she's working for Victor now?

Jerome:*enters and sits in chair Ashley was sitting in* Why don't te just ask her?

Nina: That's not a bad idea, Jerome. be continued...