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posted by stellamusa101
Eddie : Okay..
Patricia : Maybe it is just an ordinary dream.
Eddie : Wait.. we hate each other!
Patricia : You.. get out slime ball!
Eddie : No, te get out!
KT : *walks to Eddie* Hey, Eddie.
Patricia : KT, get out.
Eddie : No! Pat, te get out.
Patricia : Excuse me?
KT : te heard him. Go.
Patricia : *takes a jug of arancia, arancio succo, succo di frutta and pours it on KT's head* There.
Willow : *sits successivo to KT* Huh!
Patricia : She deserves it. *walks away*
Fabian : *sits* Hey.
Joy : *sits* Hey, Fabes.
Fabian : Hi. Do you-- *Joy kisses him*
Nina : Fabian! What are you-- *runs away*

Fabian : te still like Patricia, do you?
Eddie : Me, no! Silly you.
Fabian : te are. te care. te do.
Eddie : You're not the Amore expert. No "Jabian" o "Fabina". te flirt, don't you?
Fabian : No! I just--
Victor : It's ten 'o' clock. I shall want to hear a pin - drop. *drops a pin*
Eddie : Goodnight. *sleeps*
Fabian : Bye. *sleeps*

Joy : I'm dreaming.
Fabian : Me too.
Joy : You're in my dream too!
Nina : *appears* In a dream, there's one bad guy.
Fabian : So?
Nina : *bites Fabian and Joy's shoulder, then disappears*
Joy : It's just a dream.
Fabian : Just a simple dream.

Voice : *only Nina can hear* Job well done, Nina.
Nina : *thinking* Thank you.
Amber : ciao Nina. *sits*
Patricia : *sits*
Eddie : *sits*
Patricia : Sit some place else, slime ball! *sticks out her tongue*
Eddie : te get out! *sticks out his tongue*
KT : *sits* Hey.
Willow : *sits* Hello, guys.
Voice : *only KT can hear* Hello.

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posted by BridgexJordan
Fabian pulls up in a parking spot at the boarding school then steps out of his car and stares up at the school.
Fabian: Another wonderful anno at Anubis House.
Fabian walks towards Anubis House and Jerome and papavero are arguing behind him.
Poppy: But Jerome please.
Jerome: I already detto no Poppy.
Poppy: But Jerome-
Jerome: Just drop it okay?
Poppy: What ever Jerome. I thought te loved me better than that after what happened last year. But I guess not!
Poppy runs off crying and Mara walks up to Jerome.
Mara: hey, what was that all about?
Jerome: Nothing.
Mara: Well is everything alright?
Jerome: Sure....
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posted by noahnstar1616
Nina: Wait!*goes to her bed, takes out a box, takes the actual missing pages out, closes box, hands pages to Ashley*

Ashley: Thanks.*puts the pages in the book, the book begins to glow and the hieroglyphics turn into English words* From the fire, te shall unearth! From Hell, I bring te back to Earth!

Senkhara:*appears in the corner of the room* Thank you, child. Now I can get my revenge on the Chosen One and the Osirien!*disappears*

Amber: Hey, I'm all better!

Nina: That's great, Amber. But we have to get to Eddie before Senkhara does!

*Nina, Amber, and Ashley run out of their room and downstairs*...
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posted by IloveHOA
To all of te House of Anubis fans, yes there is going to be a season 3. Of course there is still the domanda of what can the plot of the season be? Season 1: Eye of Horus, Season 2: Cup of Ankh and Season 3? We do not know. A major commento is Haven't they already taken the good booby traps and hiding places? Well the answer is no one knows.... I guess we'll have to wait until the SEASON PREMIER!!!!! I will inform te guys when I find out any further information.

Season 3 proof:

posted by anubis97531
Ok, first I gotta say I absolutly Amore 3x HOA!!! It's my preferito mostra and it always will be!!!
#5- My #5th girl would be Joy. She isn't really a big part of HOA and I don't understand why she is even there. All she's really good for is stealing other people's bofriend. FABINA FOREVER!!! I never really liked the idea of Foy o Jabian!!!!!
#4- successivo would be Amber.Yes, she is a big part of HOA, but she isn't a part of all the breakup-makeup drama. Yeah, her and Alfie but they were never a really big couple. They only kissed once and it was only because Amber was trying to make Mick jealous(and...
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posted by habbofirstfan
*nina and amber room*
nina and amber diseppear
-fabian and alfie enter
fabian-*sees senkhara*
senkhare-laughs meanly
alfie and fabian-NOOOOO
nina-(wakes)were am I (sees amber)
nina- AMBER wake UP
Amber-(wakes) what what is there a shhoe sale
nina-NO (feels dizzy)
nina-amber no no amber wake up (remembers her dream)
????-Nina? is that you
nina-joy? (turns round) JOY!!!!!!!
Joy-NINA!!! (hugs)
nina-Joy what ae te doing here
joy-i dont know but i can tell te the whole story
nina-go on
joy-well it started yesteday me and fabian were doing homework and then te cam
joy-and then i came down and i disapearred here
nina-wait dids te see senkhara
joy-yes well i first saw she told me that who faint will died
nina-wait, my dream sarah told that she and us are in danger
joy- that right,
nina-well king will kill us if with we dont give him to cup ankh
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