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 A letter from all HOAfans
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(Poppy and Jerome's dad is asleep)
Anubis: my name. Is Anubis.
Jerome: huh? Okay, so what's the Anew?
Anubis: every heard of the chosen one, the Osiren-
Jerome: yeah.
Anubis: well, the chosen one is a descendent of Amneris and is granted the power from Isis. The Osiren is granted the power from Osiris. And you, the Anew, is granted the powers from me, Anubis.
Jerome: so… te gave me powers of you? Powers of death?
Anubis: not exactly. Powers that te soon should find out.
Jerome: when? How?
Anubis: soon.
Jerome: what do te m-
Anubis: find my mask and bring it to me.
Jerome: the mask...
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Nina:-gose throught the door
sarah:Help me.....
*Fabians and Micks room*
Mick:man i totally cant belive it valentines giorno soon
fabian:come it wont be that hard
mick:Oh yeah it will,Man
fabian: i just got to get something for nina and..
mick: goodnight
fabian:ok goodnight
*back at NinA* with what
sarah:the cup of Ankh and i are in great danger with te and the other
sarah:the king want to take the cup of Ankh to himself if not he will kill everyone-sarah disappears
Nina:Sarah wait....i better go back to bed
Trudy:breakfest is ready everyone
Amber:ok, i dont know where is nina and...
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9.jerome- i like him alot but he is a trouble maker and was mean to amber on the election

8.mick- he is cute but he isn't my preferito character

7.mara- she is nice and close to patricia but what she tried to do to mick and amber's relationship i just don't like it

6.alfie- he is a nice gie and he is in sibuna but what he tried to do and tell jerome stuff i didn't like

5.amber- she's not the smartest but she's not dumb she's pretty but just not my preferito character

4.fabian- he's a nice cute gie and my preferito boy character

3.nina- i like her alot and felt bad when patricia was picking on her she's not on all episode but i don't care i like her alot anyway

1.patricia- she wasn't always my preferito character cause she was so mean to nina but when she started being nice to nina i forgave her and she started being my preferito character because she just wanted her friend back
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I didn't make this. Youtuber xtremeoes did. But I thought I'd share in case there were any other Jara fan on here. It really is an amazing vid <3 &&Go and commento on the video if te can, the vidder is really talented (:
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