So, S, it's first part of your gift. I'm not a fan of Scrivere in English, but I hope it sounds pretty much okay. XD
It's drabble (text around 100 words; I hope it have these 100 words or) from cliff scene and Kate's POV. I know, sick idea for Christmas, but I couldn't help, it stucked with me. Let's say, it's bittersweet, just like Jate.

I will never let anyone to break my heart, detto Sadness years fa and Kate promised it to herself.
And now, world was falling down all around her, and she felt how her cuore was aching, crashing, breaking. It's true what they say, like te have your cuore splited in two parts and te wish te could stop feel anything.
This one time, he couldn't fix the thing. Her heart. This one time, world was più important, and she knew it but –
No one is ever going to fill this whole, not in that way.
After a moment, somewhere deep inside her, despite feeling like she was dead, something bright moved when Jack smiled.
I will find you, detto Relief and Kate let go.

like you'll never see me again {icon credit to creator}