I was your SS (what a surprise! :D xp) and te know, it's always harder-easier to make gift for your twin. Since I'm not good at making arts o vids, I've written link, hope you'll find it as enjoyable at least.
This is the secondo part – article. About you, of course! (With parts about me tbh. xD)

How I met S
I remember corectly, it was around July 2011, and it started with S having Logan/Veronica icon. Since I'm a fan of LoVe, and I like to creep people which I don't know, I spamed her bacheca with sighing over them, and well – S returned it. xD I was watching Fringe, and like te guess, this way we started fangirling.
From that was just straight way to me to watch Lost (one of best decisions in my life tbh) and later unisciti to jefot (Nanda has a part too) and in that way I had even less life than I had before. xD

S the hero
What I liked from the beginning, S was honest, and it's one of her advantages – she's just saying the truth, and I Amore that. She has her crazy icone on every occasion and her flawless picks make me want to kill her sometimes (how I am supposed to make a choice?). xD Sylwia (watch me, I'm serious and I don't like repeating) can be one bamf around there, to defend her obsessions and friends, and te can sometimes disagree with her, but still – te respect each other's opinions and you're twinning anyway. Her arts are beautiful, no matter what she says (shut up, S!). And she can fangirl like crazy, so… xD

Requiem for a dream was first movie we watched together, enough to say – psychodelic adventure in style of Stephen King, who we both adore.
Moonlighting, like te said, it's whole new level of twins, and ciao – we got that.
Musica is like the successivo stage, and yet again – it's so twinny too! Rock forever and ever.
In general, te have flawless taste in couples and shows and Musica and everything!

Also, Ryki and Radzyń, love, it's only 60 km between them! We have to meet asap!

S, you're my fatewin twin, Chandler to my Joey, and I really appreciate te as a person.
I hope you're going to have a great time these Natale and on New Year's Eve. I wish te so much happiness, joy from little things, great friends, time to relax (sometimes to work); for successivo anno be (even?) better than this – and what comes, più obsessions and più twinning! Amore you! ♥

merry christmas, twin! {icon credit to creator]