It's a new morning Ariel has awoken she's had a long night with very little sleep because she couldn't sleep. She went to Ursula to try to make conversation to win her trust.

"Aunt Ursula" detto Ariel

"Yes my dear" detto Ursula

"How about we talk" asked Ariel

"Certainly, what would te like to talk about?" asked Ursula

"Well what was it like when te and daddy were younger" asked Ariel

"Well we also has a sister" detto Ursula

"You mean I have another aunt" detto Ariel

"Yes te do" detto Ursula

"Why haven't I ever heard of her" asked Ariel

"She was always jealous of me" detto Ursula

"Why was she jealous of you" asked Ariel

"Well I was always your grandmothers favorite" detto Ursula

"Really grandmother did favoritism" asked Ariel

"Yes and your grandfather Poseidon didn't do favoritism though he was più close to your daddy than me o your Aunt Morgana" detto Ursula

"So were te jealous of daddy" asked Ariel

"Of course not don't be ridiculous darling" detto Ursula

"Was Aunt Morgana jealous of daddy" asked Ariel

"Yes but she mostly jealous of me. I was a beauty known all around the seven sea's nobal merman wanted to have my hand in marriage because of my beauty. However I didn't find them suitable" detto Ursula

"Why not shouldn't one of them have been suitable" asked Ariel

"Well, there was one who was tall, drak, and handsome" detto Ursula

"Really who was he" asked Ariel

"I'll tell te about him later" detto Ursula

"Aww..... well what about aunt Morgana" asked Ariel

"Well she was jealous that I'm mothers preferito because I was smarter, prettier, and più talented than her" detto Ursula

"So she left" detto Ariel

"Not only did she leave she was banished" detto Ursula

"Why" asked Ariel

"She got upset because when we had come of age all the merman wanted to marry me so she got jealous she ha rubato, stola the magic shell but father stopped her and was forced to banish her. When I found the merman I wanted to be with I offered her the rest of the merman who wanted to marry me she refused she detto she wanted to be better than me at everything. I couldn't let that happen she I had to teach her a lesson that she'd never forget because it would last forever" detto Ursula

"What did te do" asked Ariel

"I thought of a punishment for her that was so horrible that she would wish that she didn't complain that she wasn't as pretty as me, she wish that she would have her beauty back. I used the magic from your grandfathers magic shell to turn her into a creature that is shuned da the merpeople and feared da many, a creature so hideous she wouldn't wish to see herself" detto Ursula

"What did te turn her into" asked Ariel who looked a little scared

"I turned her into cecaelia" detto Ursula

"What's that" asked Ariel

"A creature that is hideous it's half human and half octopus" detto Ursula

What will happen successivo time? Find out successivo time.