Ariel didn't know what to do so she decided to change the subject.

"So who was this merman that te fell in Amore with" I asked

"We was a rich and handsome noble merman" detto Ursula

"Was he kind" asked Ariel

"One of the kindest merpeople you'd ever meet" detto Ursula

"Was it Amore at first sight" asked Ariel

"Actually I've known him since I was a little mergirl" detto Ursula

"What's his name" asked Ariel

"His name was Dimitri" detto Ursula

"You've known each other ever since te were little kids" detto Ariel

"Yes then one giorno when we got older I saw him differently and we fell in love" detto Ursula

"Why didn't te get married" asked Ariel

"Something happened" detto Ursula

"What happened" asked Ariel

"He died" detto Ursula

"How" asked Ariel

"There were robbers that wanted his families money and they even killed his family and him" detto Ursula

"Oh my" detto Ariel

"When I heard I went to his house to see if he was alive" detto Ursula

"What happened" asked Ariel

"I found him barely alive" detto Ursula

"Did he say anything to you" asked Ariel

"He detto he loved me" detto Ursula

"Oh my" detto Ariel

"Then on that giorno I made a promise" detto Ursula

"What was it" asked Ariel

"That I'd do no good deed" detto Ursula

"But why" asked Ariel

"If those robbers couldn't mostra a good deed da spareing Dimitri's life then why should I do a good deed at all" asked Ursula

"Couldn't te just punish the robbers" asked Ariel

"Oh I did punish them I casted a spell that destroyed them" detto Ursula

"But....." detto Ariel

"Yesturday I made it clear to all merpeople of the seven sea's that I'm wicked and no good deep I will do ever again" detto Ursula

"But why should everyone else have to suffer" asked Ariel

"Your too young to understand" detto Ursula

"But Aunt Ursula it sounds like your trying to get out your anger about your true love" detto Ariel

"If te ever lose a loved one you'll understand what it means to feel this way" detto Ursula

"You still had your family" detto Ariel

"I wanted to have a family with Dimitri" detto Ursula

"Aunt Ursula calm down" detto Ariel

"Very well is there anything else you'd like to know" asked Ursula

"What about grandmother" asked Ariel

What will happen successivo time?