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Review by pEnELoPe3six posted più di un anno fa
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As te can see, Cartoon Network made a lt changes in the Looney Tunes. but once again, i say, Why aren't te grateful that looney tunes was brought back to life once again, altough in a dfferent ways, te guyz should be grateful, otherwise, te might just keep repeating all the episodes of the classic looney tunes.
Okay let's see...changes..

Bugs Bunny
Before: actually smart when to pranks! Mostly funny all the tme when he knocks em off!
Now: still smart (still smart in pranks, but just smarter wen it comes to find ways!)three steps ahead everyone else, I can't tell anymore but I can say, cool!

Daffy Duck
Before: Always going wrong when it comes to repeating conversation, having his best line "you're...despicable" when being shotby Elmer, his beak turns around! How cool iz that?
Now: almost nothing has changed! Just got più crazy, now thiz iz cool, he wants to be a wizard! How cooll iz. That,too?

Porky Pig
Before: as usual, look at the way he speaks.
Opinion by crash14 posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
Its funny most of the looney tunes people like are barely shown. They need to mostra più of Taz (my fav), foghorn leghorn, mac and tosh etc. Because everytime I watch a mostra I'm just hoping to see più taz and even though the mostra is good I would be even better with più of him. Cause who doesn't like a crazy animal who spinning with destruction. He symbolizes all us crazies out there I would Amore to be taz for a day. So far he was in devild dog and the foghorn leghorn story then a cameo in bugs and daffy get a job. On wikipedia it detto there was loads of people and he's the youngest looney tune if te hate taz well then te suck