The Office What's your preferito "That's what she said!" quote?

Pick one:
Jim: te really think te can go all giorno long? (Sexual Harrasment)
Jim: Well, te always left me satisfied and smiling. (Sexual Harrasment)
Michael: It tastes so good in my mouth. (Initiation)
Kevin: Why did te get it so big? (Christmas Party)
Michael:I want te to think about it long and hard. (The Coup)
Angela: te already did me. (Conflict Resolution)
Michael:No, no, I need two men on this. (Product Recall)
Pam: My mother's coming. (Sexual Harrasment)
... o he detto (gay witch hunt)
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When Dwight says it to the doctor.. and Michael...
When Dwight says it to the doctor..and Michael gets angry.
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Dwight: Let's put some raw meat on that.
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