Two bit pov: I was at the DX with Ponyboy. We had started to walk inside when Randy came up wanting to talk to Pony. pony had gone on to Randy's car while I stayed put, teasing the socs. Then, this real pretty girl came out the DX. I turned from teasing the socs a secondo just to look at her. She raised her eyebrow at a soc and said, "y'all's gettin ready fer a flood?" I almost died laughing, "That's what I just said, sweets!". She giggled and blushed. I flashed a grin and walked a little closer. "Ya gotta name, doll?", I asked. "(Y/N), an what about you? te gotcho self a name?", she said. "Oh, I'm twobit. Twobit Mathews", I say slicking my hair back. "Well, twobit, twobit Mathews, we'll have ta hang out some time", she detto smiling up at me. "Alright, te can come on over to the Curtis house Saterday mornin and watch cartoons?", I offer. "Don't tease me, but I absolutely adore Micky mouse", she says blushing. "You dig ok, baby.", I smile at her cooly. "Well, twobit I'd better git home, I'll see ya Saturday at the Curtis house", she waved and started home. pony started walking back up to the door. "Whatd that soc want?" "He ain't a soc"