Prologue: te are a 16 years old greaser living in Tulsa, staying with your cousin two-bit whom te called mouse. te were dating sodapop curtis and good Friends with the gangs. Johnny and dally are still alive and sandy is long gone. Imagine: te had been walking around the streets, when out of nowhere the rain began ,pouring like a sinners sweat in church. te were blocks away from te home but only down the strada, via from your Boyfs Sodapop's. As te approached the gate te could hear laughin from inside, the whole gang was there. te jogged up the steps and through the door. The entire gang looked up at te 'hey gang' te detto hoping they wouldn't freak out. 'y/n ? Your drenched!' Soda detto while running up to te and hugging te tightly. He took your hand and lead te to the bathroom. 'Dry off and I'll get te some dry clothes' he detto looking at te with with a smirk, like te were insane. 😏 He handed te a towel and quickly left to get some of his clothes for te to wear. When he came back te were standin in your underwear drying off. He stood there looking at te in total awe. He had never seen te in so little clothing before. te looked up at him embarrassed but when te saw his face te felt like oro 'youre prefect y/n' he detto quietly and steped closer to te 'can I have the clothes?' Ou asked. He looked at te for a secondo as if making a tough decision 'no' he detto firmly placing them down on the counter, flashing te that movie stella, star smile. 'Soda' te begged with a smile in your face. 'Kiss me first' he commanded inching closer, closing the gap between you.