te and Two-Bit <3
te had been watching re-runs of Mickey topo, mouse in your room, wishing te could see your boyfriend, Two-Bit, but you’re grounded. te slipped off your jean shorts and started looking for something of Two-Bit’s that te could wear. As te cerca for his preferito hoodie, te hear a knock on your window. te look and see your preferito greaser guy standing there. te slide open the window and he kisses te before te could say something. te pulled away from him and whispered, “What are te doing here? te know I’m grounded!” He climbed into your purple room and wrapped his arms around you, “I couldn’t go another minuto without seeing my little Miney Mouse.” te sat back down on your letto and Two-Bit lied down successivo to you. He began brushing his fingers through te hair, “You know what we haven’t done in a long time…” te turned around quickly, “Keith, we aint doing it right now!” te whisper-shouted, “We can’t, not with my mom sleeping successivo to my room.” “Awe c’mon.” He detto pulling te close to him. He sucked on my neck and I giggled trying to pull him off of me. “Two-Bit stop!” te paused after detaching him from your neck, “Did te bring your car here?” te ask him. His face lights up, “Yeah! Let’s go!” te shush him, “Shut up! Okay, but a quick one. Let me grab some shorts.” He laughed, “I’m just gonna take them off of ya anyways.” te laughed at him and hopped out the window. Good thing it’s a one-story house, te can sneak out so much easier. te guys run to his car, laughing and holding hands. He opens the door and te lay down on the back seat. He gets on superiore, in alto of te then slams the door behind him, “Now where were we?” He questioned but te interrupted him da pulling down his collare and roughly baciare him. He already stuck his hand down your underwear, rubbing your slits. Your spine curled as he hit your G-spot. te could feel him laughing as he kissed you. te pushed away from him, “Why are te laughing?” te asked him, “Were doing it in my car.” He giggled. te just smiled and pulled him back to your face. Even though te guys were having sex, te two still made jokes. te undid his cintura and pushed down his pants probably to his knees o so. He pulled his hands away from your underwear and slipped it under te shirt, cupping your breast. The baciare was getting sloppier, but te didn’t care. te ran your fingers through his sandy brown greaser hair. He removed his lips from yours and pulled his hand out of your shirt, “And now for the best part.” te laughed at him, but te loved the way he could joke around with anything. He slid down your panties and pushed his length into you. te moaned as te through your head back and bit your lip. He pressed his hand down against the seat, hovering his face over yours. He pushed in and out, te moaned, “Faster, babe… Faster!” He did as te commanded. te dug your nails into his back; Two-Bit cringed but kept pumping inside you. In and out, up and down, he continued to push. He yelled, “AWE FUCK!” and he climaxed at the same time as te did. He leaned his head down and breathed heavily. te pulled up his chin, and looked him straight into his big tired eyes, “I Amore te so much Two-Bit.” He kissed te softly, then looked around at his car, “Man, we sure did fog up the windows.”