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I ragazzi della 56ª strada
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This I ragazzi della 56ª strada foto contains concerto. There might also be chitarrista.

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“I want to.” te say.

“I do to, but…” Dally starts.

“But what?” te ask. te were lying on the letto successivo to him.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“We’ll it won’t hurt that bad…”

“No… I mean I don’t want to hurt te hurt you.”

“What do te mean?”

He pauses, and rolls on his side to look te in the eye. “I Amore you. You’re the first girl I’ve actually loved. When I’m around te you, it’s like my world has so much più meaning. So te know… If we bang, there going to be so much più emotional. It’s wont just be having sex… It will be making love. And...
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The Outsiders- Dally Dies
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“Steve… Give me the beer.”

“No you’re too young.” He says, munching on some chips.

“You’re too young too.” Ponyboy says, annoyed.

“But I gotta look after you, kiddo. te don’t want to end up like me. Well actually I take that back. te do kinda wanna end up like me; a successful sex god.”

“You are not a sex god.”

“Yes I am. Are te blind?”

“I obviously have better vision than you.”

Steve tackles Ponyboy, pinning him the ground.

“Take it back, Horseman.”

“Nope.” Ponyboy laughs.

“You better, o I will fucking beat your ass.”

“Ok, ok, te have ok vision.”

“Thank you.” Steve says, getting off of Ponyboy.

“Welcome.” Ponyboy mutters.

“You’re alright kid.”
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The yells from the lot were louder than ever.

te knew your boyfriend was there, and all his friends.

te hated it when they fought.

Those stupid fights.

te went over to lot, to make sure things weren’t getting out of hand. If they were, you’d definately call the police.

It would risk them getting arrested, but te didn’t want any of them hurt; o dead.

te saw bodies going at each other, caked in mud and blood.

te start to walk towards the fight (like an idiot) and are met with a punch, punzone to the face.

te fall into the mud, shocked da the blow.

“Hey! That’s my girlfriend!” Soda yells as he pushes the Soc over, and starts beating him repeatedly.

te feel a hand on your shoulder as te get up. te grab the hand and flip him over.

“Hey,” te thought. “This is fun.”

te understood why they liked these so much.
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“Darry, put the bottle down.” Soda says to me, gently.

I slowly roll my head on the wall, to face them, tightening my grip on the beer. I was not letting this one go.

“Darry, please.” Ponyboy pleads. I must have been in pretty bad shape. The look on his face was pure worry. I slowly, slowly set the bottle down on the cement floor of the basement. I loosen my grip, finally letting go.

“That’s it.” Soda says. They had already cleared out all the alcohol of the house. This bottle was the last drop of comfort in the house. The house that still smelled like her.

“You’re going to be...
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