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Broadway Cast for 2004-06-07?

So. I found a recording of POTO from the above date. The thing is, I have no idea who the cast was.

Can anyone più knowledgable than I am help me with this? I only need the Christine, Phantom and Raoul names, but the rest of the cast would be great. I've Googled, but since 2004 was the anno of the movie, not much comes up. Thanks in advance!
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Cinders said:
Just in case it wasn't Broadway, here's an articolo on the link: "Oliver Thornton will take over the role of Raoul and Rachel Barrell will unisciti him as the new Christine, with Sally Harrison as Carlotta... John Owen-Jones remains as the Phantom."

And this articolo on Phantom's link gives a hint at who may be your mysterious cast members:

"The current Broadway company of The Phantom of the Opera includes Hugh Panaro in the titolo role, Sandra Joseph as Christine and John Cudia as Raoul, with Jeff Keller (Monsieur Firmin), George Lee Andrews (Monsieur André), Julie Schmidt (Carlotta), Marilyn Caskey (Madame Giry), Larry Wayne Morbitt (Piangi) and Heather McFadden (Meg Giry). At certain performances, Julie Hanson plays the role of Christine."

Hope that was at least a LITTLE helpful. Try searching Playbill articoli some more, te may find an articolo from June/July of that year.
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