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Ok, versions of POTO have made the OPERA "Faust" sound interesting, but I can't find a version that is... PLEASE HELP!

prefomed as it would have been at the time of Lerourx's novel, AND has english subtitles ONLY at the bottom of the screen, so a DVD, if not free and, of course, is in French? Great audio AND video quality would also be great.
 TBUGoth posted più di un anno fa
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PandaKISS said:
Well actually "Faust" was originally a German folklore not French, Gounod turned it into an Opera in 1859 (I think) so I doubt there is a recording of the opera.


There is a German silent film from 1924 that is a great representation of the Faust story (though there are some name changes, Marguerite is Gretta) it tells the story beautifully and best yet is subtitled and free to watch. If te have net-flicks te can watch it on there. I guess the only draw backs I would say are that Mephistopheles looks like he's in a bad Eddy Munster outfit and he does cause some hijinks with Gretta's um aunt... but other than that it's a solid film. te should check it out!
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posted più di un anno fa 
TBUGoth posted più di un anno fa
It's in German, but not spoken German. Its subtitled in English (with original German insert cards)
PandaKISS posted più di un anno fa
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