Il fantasma dell’Opera Explosions/Loud noises: when do they occur in the play?

pdxw posted on May 02, 2015 at 03:12AM
I am seeing the new production later this month. It will be my 3rd time seeing "Phantom" -- the other two times being in the late 90's.

But I have a rather unique question for you:

I have cerebral palsy and am in a wheelchair. A much less obvious symptom is that I startle VERY easily with loud noises.

The first time I saw the play, I was, of course, taken by surprise. I was prepared for the second time.

But so much time has passed that I forget, apart from the huge one just as the Overture starts (who could forget that?), when the other two (or three?) explosions happen in the course of the play.

Can any of you kindly illuminate me as to when they occur? If any of you could tell me (and it would be even better if you could tell me before which lines they occur) I would be MOST grateful.

I do have the original CD of the whole play, but of course, the explosions do not happen on the CD. And so I put the question to you. I would love to know precisely when I should plug my ears.

Thanks for all replies!

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più di un anno fa wanderingchild7 said…
Well, first of all there is the overture as you mentioned. Then there will be some explosions when the chandelier falls and also in the cemetery scene (you know after Raoul arrives and the Phantom stops singing "I am your angel of music...") where the Phantom throws fire. Then there is the scene with Raoul and the policemen when they plan to capture the Phantom. It is right after the cemetery scene and there will be one shooting. And I think when the Phantom kidnaps Christine after the unmasking at the end of The Point of No Return there will be some shootings too. I hope I could help you and enjoy the show! :) :)
più di un anno fa pdxw said…
Thank you! That pretty much exactly answers my question, and with exactly a week to go! I should add, when we bought the tickets, I didn't know it was a "new" Cameron Mackintosh version that I'll be seeing. I hope that doesn't make your reply less accurate. I must admit mixed emotions. Sadness that my Mom will be seeing a different version than I saw the other two times, excitement to see something new, and trepidation, since it supposedly contains "amped-up pyrotechnics", which probably means more and louder. LOL. They had a preview of it, and the person they interviewed mentioned that with the new production, they are actually required to have a fire marshal on hand! :)

Oh well. It will be interesting, even if I do experience an unintended workout as I watch the play!

I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to reply!