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Phantomess posted on May 31, 2009 at 05:09PM
"But enough of that! You don't want the scorpion. I shall turn the grasshopper."

Thus ends the freebees on this thread. I killed it an hour early because 1. I have to be up at 4 am to open at work to-morrow. 2. During the entire week only 2 people could be bothered to post any interest in the recordings that were here.

Either to-morrow or the next day I shall start compiling a list of all the different philms. There will be no links, just titles, years, and main cast info. If I'm feeling motivated I might even post a blurb on each one.

If there was something here that you wanted, too bad. It's gone now. If you'd like to trade for a recording I am willing to entertain offers, but you had better have something worth trading to offer up!

And now, I bid you good night. *Crawls off to bed, tired, disgruntled, and wounded that so few people can be stirred to give a damn about a thing they claim to adore*
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più di un anno fa velvet_fox said…
UM Wow thanks or all these! Props to you!! :D
più di un anno fa velvet_fox said…
This is totally random, but I wondered if anyone wanted Phantasia?

It's an instrumental piece of ALWs music with the violin taking the part of Christine and the Cello being the Phantom. I have it on CD and have never heard anyone mention it on the spot so wondered if you guys knew about it or wanted it? I can easily upload it.
Info: link
più di un anno fa JustHuddy said…
Scorpion...*waits for imminent deletion*

Besides, we all know Sarah Brightman has a better ass than Emmy.
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più di un anno fa MrJessYlonen said…
Please, madmoiselle Phantomess- Don't turn the grasshopper yet! *pokes the scorpion with a stick*
più di un anno fa JustHuddy said…
OMG, somone who actually gives a crap! *gasp*

As a random side note, I quite enjoyed seeing me comment to myself... *giggle*
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più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
Starting the list:

WARNING!!! ~Spoilers like crazy!~

1916/17- Das Phantom der Oper. This film is believed to be lost. It's entirely possible all prints were destroyed due to some legal issues with the copyright. From what I can gather this version was not authorized by Leroux at all.

1925- the Phantom of the Opera. Starring Lon Chaney as Erik, Mary Philbin as Christine, and Norman Kerry as Raoul. This version WAS authorized by Leroux and he lived long enough to see it's premiere, but not the 1929 re-release. Originally the film contained the Perros graveyard scene and a more true to the novel ending. However the graveyard was cut, and the ending changed to make things a bit more exciting. Sadly, though both scenes were apparently shot, only still photographs remain. The re-issue in 1929 made it's own modifications to the film and added some sound. Mary Philbin and Norman Kerry both returned to record their voices, by Mr Chaney was unavailable. An uncredited actor made recordings to be played over Chaney's shadow (Angel of Music scene) but because of contract restrictions the actor was not allowed to dub over any actual shots of Chaney.

1943- The Phantom of the Opera. Starring Claude Rains as Erique Claudin, Nelson Eddy as Anatole, Susanna Foster as Christine duBois, and Edgar Barrier as Raoul. This version is worth it at the very least for the vocal performances of Eddy and Foster. Beyond that it's very amusing, and very cute, but hardly anything like the Chaney film. This is the version that kicked off the whole burned by acid bit. The deformity also had to be toned way down because the studio did not want to offend veterans who may have been scarred from WWII which was currently raging in Europe. Another interesting little side note is the relationship between Erique and Christine in some of the earlier script treatments. She was his estranged daughter. This was dropped for the final rewrite, but one could very feasibly take it either way, especially given how much Phantom just seems to love Freudian concepts.

1962- The Phantom of the Opera. Starring Herbert Lom and Heather Sears. Made by the infamous Hammer Horror film company, this version is just plain strange. First they changed the setting from Paris to London, again with the acid, the Phantom is named Professor Petrie, apparently has no romantic interest in Christine, and for reasons that aren't ever really explained has this homicidal mute midget guy following him around who does all of the actual killing. We also get another little throwback to the Rains version in that this Phantom, too, has had his music stolen. Only this time for reals.

1974- the Phantom of the Paradise. Paul Williams, Wililam Finley, and Jessica Harper. Modernized bastardization of Phantom and Faust thrown in a blender with mind altering substances. Paul Williams is delightfully evil in this. William Finley should not be allowed to sing. Ever. I'm also none too fond of Jessica Harper, though I admit that I might be a bit biased because the first thing I saw her in was Shock Treatment (RHPS sequel) and that thing is just a trainwreck. I'm still not all that impressed with her acting or her singing. She sounds like a man half the time. My favourite part of this movie has got to be Beef. He's the flaming diva that will be representing Carlotta this evening. All in all the whole movie is garish and outlandish, but a lot of fun.

1983- the Phantom of the Opera. Maximilian Schell, Jane Seymour, and Michael York. Again, a venue change. This time Budapest. More name changes, Christine becomes Maria (and a total bitch) and Erik becomes Sándor Korvin, and Raoul becomes Michael and the director of the opera. Our Phantom has again been disfigured, and on top of all of that his wife died. Basically she refused to knock boots with this absolute prat so he paid off a critic to pan her and she jumped into the river and drowned herself. Well turns out our little Maria is a dead ringer for the dead wife. Again we have weird midget guy following the Phantom around, only this time we actually have a reason. The midget guy pulled Korvin out of the fire he was injured in. The main reason to watch this film is the unmasking. It is the best one I have seen. There are lines from Leroux used, and Schell really shows off his ability here.

1989- the Phantom of the Opera. Robert Englund, Jill Schoelen, Alex Hyde-White, and Bill Nighy in a supporting role. Slasher version. But don't let that put you off right away. Yes, it stars the guy that played Freddy Krueger, but Englund is actually a very competent actor. Again, the venue is changed to London rather than Paris, Christine is now American rather than Swedish, and Raoul becomes Ricard and is one of the managers. The version of Don Juan in this is beautiful, and the cinematography is quite impressive as well. It's a very well crafted film. But it's still all kinds of weird. Erik Destler (oooh! a last name! thrills!) was a poor composer working in a whorehouse, and then the midget devil (what is it with Phantom and midgets anyhow?) shows up and offers to make his music live forever in exchange for his soul. Well Erik thinks that's just dandy and goes for it. Only problem is that the devil ruins his face and he's still an unknown composer. Only now he's immortal and pissed off. Rather than wear a traditional mask to hide his face, he offs people and steals their skin and sews it right on and then applies about 5 pounds of makeup to cover the stitches. Then we have time traveling Christine (Don't ask. just don't ask. it had to do with the sequel that never materialized. or so I'm told). But if you've ever wanted to see Carlotta's head in a bowl of soup it's got that.

1990- The Phantom of the Opera. Charles Dance, Teri Polo, Adam Storke, and Burt Lancaster. This is the Y/K musical without the original music. Instead we get real opera. Kinda cool. Also, it's shot on location at the Palais Garnier, which is all kinds of awesome. In this version Erik is the bastard son of Burt Lancaster (Gerard). He's lived in the opera house since he was born. We join the story just as Gerard is being forced into retirement and the new management, a pompous little ass and his wife, Carlotta are taking over. Christine turns up right after this, and Carlotta decides to stick her in the wardrobe department so she can observe singers and learn. Well, Christine is poor as dirt and can't afford anywhere to stay so the doorman lets her sleep in the opera. Well Erik is just smitten, not only because she has a natural talent for singing, but because she looks EXACTLY like his mom, who went completely out of her gourd and decided that Erik was the most perfect beautiful child on the planet. So he decides to help Christine out and to embarrass the hell out of Carlotta every time she's on stage. It's a very sweet and fluffy version, and Charles Dance is incredibly sexy.

1991- the Phantom of the Opera. David Staller, Elizabeth Walsh. Hey look! It's the Persian! Hot damn, we haven't seen him since 1925! Although this version reminds me of Ali Hakem from Oklahoma...I think it may be because he's kind of comic relief. This version is a proshot recording of some random theater in Florida doing a non-Weber production. Think community theater. It opens with a flashback/dream ballet in which we see a young Christine and her father--who is apparently Mark Twain--on a beach. Christine loses her scarf and young!Raoul retrieves it for her. Then we skip ahead and see grown Christine in her dressing room working on some music, the Phantom's voice is heard and he tells her he's the 'Spirit of Music'. We then meet Mme Giry who's hair looks a lot like a butt, who tells Christine to be careful. Mme Giry seems to know something about the ghost, but it's never revealed exactly what she knows or how she knows it. Then we are informed it is 10 years later (Damn Christine's old in this one) and we meet all of our secondary characters such as the managers, Carlotta, the Persian, and Buquet. I don't think I've ever been so keen on Buquet dying just so I don't have to put up with his bad acting any more. Anyhow, from this point on it's the same old, same old. Staller's deformity makeup is fantastic, but he's such an arrogant prat! And just as a final piss off to the whole mess, after Christine leaves him, Erik just dusts himself off and finds a nice ballet rat to seduce.

1998. The Phantom of the Opera. Julian Sands, Asia Argento. No mask, random telekentetic/psychic powers, rat porn, and gore gore gore! I'd advise being really drunk when you watch this version. It'll make it hurt less. Dario Argento has major issues, not the least of which is the fact that Asia is his DAUGHTER and he's got her running around in sheer dresses, having graphic sex with Julian Sands, and all sorts of other stuff that you should just not be having your kid do! This version is not for the weak stomached, either. Robert Englund could only DREAM of being this bloody and disgusting!

2004- The Phantom of the Opera. Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson. Yeah, the whole universe knows about this version. And I don't think I could find very many nice things to say about it.

2009- Angel of Music. Phan made. Christine is far too old to work for the flashbacks, there's plot points that never get explained, it really really wants to be the Da Vinci Code, and the ending just ended up confusing me. The bright side is, that some of the really strange stuff can honestly be chalked up to drug induced hallucinations. Oh yeah, and Raoul should NOT be that creepy. It's a valiant effort, and I'm pretty sure the heart was in the right place, but it has problems that need working through. Also, if you haven't read Leroux, you're not going to understand a damn thing that's happening.

Animated- the Phantom of the Opera. The production values are suck! But I totally admit having a soft spot for the guy that voices Erik, very nice speaking voice. Yay they remembered the Persian. My major gripe about this one is the fact that Erik kills a cat. This bothers me. A lot. And his mask looks like V's gay cousin. But it's fairly true to the novel, and a good starter for the little ones.

Pantin' at the Opera. The Wishbone episode. First off, I have to say how much I loved this series as a kid. It's jumbled and cut to hell, but then again it's a half hour episode that cuts between the 'real world' and the story the dog is thinking about while everything else is going on. Wishbone is Raoul, and although they skipped the Persian they left in Philippe. Again, very cute and a good starter for the lil ones.

1989 Phantom X. Jamie Gillis, Aja, Ron Jeremy. Phantom porn. Betcha never thought you'd see that, eh? Well be afraid because there's more than one. From what I understand this was the first. It's not as awful as it could be, though. I mean, if you ignore the hardcore sex. The Phantom drugs the usual star, Maria while she is *ahem* getting ready for her performance with the help of some dude, and Nina (the Christine-ish thing) apparently kicks ass. There's no actual singing in this version, unless you count random opera played in the background during a few scenes. Erik shows up and takes Nina to his lair, they go at it for awhile and afterward Nina asks Erik to get Maria out of the way so she can be a star immediately. She eventually talks him into it (the chick CANNOT pronounce 'impressario' it's pretty funny) by promising that she'll never screw another guy if he'll do it for her. He goes and kidnaps Maria, Nina rocks the universe again and then decides that she's awesome enough that she no longer needs Erik and proceeds to go to a party where she does the hostess. Meanwhile, back in the lair, Maria tries to convince Erik to let her go, and only succeeds in convincing him that he needs to get laid. Then there's the Masquerade, which is just plain strange (you really have to see the cheapass Halloween costumes everyone's wearing) which rapidly descends into an orgy. Big surprise (hey, it's porn). Erik appears in this realy REALLY godawful latex mask with white hair and gets massively pissed off when Nina is going to town on a couple of different guys. So he snatches her and runs off. The Raoul-ish guy immediately goes to chase after them, only to return about 2 seconds later to snag his pants. Ron Jeremy leads the guy down to the Phantom's lair where Erik has decided that the two girls should totally have a catfight to the death. Ron Jeremy ends up shooting him, and Nina finally removes his mask, revealing some Italian guy who's marginally attractive at best, but not scarred. Everyone stands there looking dumb for a minute, although I think they were actually going for shocked or introspective. THE END. The image that haunts me most from this version is the Phantom looking kind of like a demented rabbit at one point. (camera angle+mask+weird teeth=bad)

1989- Phantom of the Cabaret. Again with Jamie Gillis being the Phantom. The going theory is this was shot on location in Paris. That's all well and good except for the fact that 90% of the shots are in the same 3 damn rooms which could be anywhere. So what's going on in this version is the Raoul type thing is the biggest asshole ever and runs this seedy cabaret/strip club thing. The only attractive man in the entire porn industry (ok, so my experience is based off of 2 phantom porns and a Jekyll & Hyde thing from teh 70s, but all of the guys in them were not really that good looking.) shows up as a reporter, trying to find himself an awesome story to cover. The Chrsitine-ish chick who's name is Eve or something like that works in the seedy cabaret and is the owner guy's girlfriend, although he seems to sleep with anything that moves. The janitor for the club is called the Phantom and wears this really awful leather half mask. The going theory is he was burned by acid when a jelous rival wanted his girlfriend or something. He apparently used to be a second rate violinist, and he now has a major thing for Eve. She hates his guts. Well there's this bitchy socialite who the manager of the club wants to screw so bad he can taste it, but she holds out on him. Eventually he says that if he gets Eve to do the Phantom that she'll have sex with him. He agrees, they have sex, then he talks Eve into having sex with the Phantom. She goes to his room and he insists on taking off his mask to show her his face before he does her. And this is where we get to meet the hands down worst deformity on the planet. You ready for it?.....It's a little bitty jagged line that's hardly visible enough to even call a light scar. I had to literally pause, zoom, squint, and play Where's Waldo to see the damn thing. However Eve reacts like it's the most godawful thing on the planet, but she'll still do him if he puts the mask back on. So yeah. The movie just kind of stops there because apparently there's a Part 2 to this to finish up whatever the hell is going on. I haven't seen it because it's insanely hard to track down.


Phantom of the Opera on Ice- The cast info only says Russian Ice Stars so I cannot tell you who plays what, unfortunately. It's very pretty to watch, but a little bit odd. Apparently the Persian is the bad guy, and Carlotta's boyfriend. And Erik hangs out with these random people that kind of remind me of the Thenardiers.

Also, got ahold of the Italian adult version, although the copy I obtained was in French, no subs. Fortunately I still remember enough of the language to get the basic gist of what was going on, and there's not that much dialouge. This one is set in Venice rather than Paris, and there are some nice outdoor shots. My recount/review of this is probably going to be less encompassing than usual because I really have no desire to see this thing again. Ever. So this is based off of my one and only viewing and some of it may be out of order. I should have taken notes. First off, I had to laugh hysterically because what I caught of the sex scenes (before I got bored and hit Fast Forward) looked like a cross between yoga and a really dirty game of Twister. But, anyhow, plot! So there's this chick that has approximately 1 expression the entire film who is our little Christine thingy. She reads about this violinist who apparently got caught in a fire. Sucks to be him. So she starts thinking about the 1925 Lon Chaney movie for some reason. Random. Then we meet the director and his secretary, who apparently like getting it on in stairwells. Then there's some sex between the Christine chick and I think it's the bad I wasn't paying attention. Then we have the absolute WORST example of lip synching in the history of EVER as Christine chick tries to fake opera singing on stage! This is combined with stock footage of an orchestra playing and an audience enjoying something that can't possibly be as bad as what we're made to believe they're watching. Oh yeah, in this version Christine chick is the established diva and Nympho Red-head is trying to get an in. Well while Christine chick is faking her aria Nympho Red-head is back stage bitching about how she could do better. Then some Random Guy shows up and she boinks him, right there, in the wings. Random shot of weirdass looking Phantom walking around the opera house. Seriously, this guy looks funky and low budget! The mask reminds me of Scream's wussy cousin, the cloak looks like something he stole from Emperor Palpatine, and I think he was wearing sneakers. Moving on. After the show Christine hears Really Bad MIDI Violin and follows it. She catches a Phantom who's about as horrible at faking violin as she is faking singing. They share A Look, then she turns around and leaves. Then she has a little fantasy of Phantom showing up in her room, playing the violin, then stripping down to reveal hot pre-scarred violinist guy and doing her six ways from Sunday. Random 3-way for no apparent reason between Some Guy, director, and secretary. Christine chick dressed like a hooker walking around back alleys in Venice and being really oblivious to Phantom following her not so subtly. Somewhere around her is another bit with Christine chick and director, with Phantom standing over in the corner just WATCHING. Is creepy. He's not doing ANYTHING, you don't know if he's jealous, or angry, or thinking it's all kinds of hot or what. He just. stands. there. STARING. Scene with secretary and Nympho Red-head doing the director. Then we're back to Christine chick daydreaming, this time rather than Lon Chaney she's thinking about Nympho Red-head and pre-scarred violinist getting jiggy with it. This was actually kind of a cool scene because if you ignore how MIND NUMBINGLY BAD he is at faking playing the violin, the Nympho Red-head gets all hot and bothered listening to his sexy (MIDI) playing. And, honestly, who amongst us WOULDN'T throw themselves at Erik after listening to him play? So, this bit I get. Blah blah blah, more sex. Then we get the official WEIRDEST SCENE IN THE MOVIE. Christine chick is STILL daydreaming, only now she decides that 5 guys in the really awful low budget Phantom costume doing her is what's up. Way too many penises. The end. I'm going to have nightmares of this for months. The whole thing ends in Christine chick wandering through the opera and actually finally seeing actual Phantom. She unmasks him. We are treated to the ridiculously awful superimposed image of Lon Chaney for about 10 seconds over the guy's face, then that fades and it's hot violin guy. There's no dialouge explaining WTF just happened here, so I got nothing. Then they have some more sex. Then Christine chick daydreams about Lon Chaney again, the end part where they chase down the Phantom and kill him. And once again we can't just enjoy awesome old movie clips, oh no. Her face is smack in the middle of the screen with a look blanker than Emmy's. And then it's FIN. And I'm sitting there with my jaw on the ground trying to figure out just exactly WTF just happened to my brain.
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più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
All right, I have calmed down a bit. I resend my angry tirade about only upping for trades. If anyone puts forth the efforts to express an interest in any version I shall hand it over with all speed. This includes movies, soundtracks, the works.
più di un anno fa Kitannah said…
big smile
*raises hand*
I'm really interested in Y/K's Phantom, if you have anything on that...
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
Since there has been an influx of new users over the past few months, I thought I would try my efforts again. However, before I go to all the trouble of digging out my links and reupping everything, I want some kind of interest generated so that I know somebody gives a damn this round.
Therefore, if you would like the links to the audio recordings and movie versions reposted here, kindly respond in this thread with a simple "yes". That's all I'm asking. If I can get 5 responses, I'll reup everything.
I'm also looking into getting a scanner so that I can post the different POTO comic books I've collected over the years, so there's something else for you to consider looking forward to.
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
Yes. (though I don't understand what an A/V club is...)
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
It stands for Audio/Visual. didn't you have A/V geeks in your school?
più di un anno fa JustHuddy said…
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
*to Phantomess* No. I'm still in hs. Freshie. I get it now, though! I'd love some comics for Phantom!
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
A freshman? Gods! Way to make a girl feel old!
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
Sorry! I don't really get along with people my age, though. My mom says I'm forty-something in my head! (she may be right about that)

Of course I'd rather listen to Erik's beautiful voice than that trashy rap that my generation worships. Psh, Erik's the shiz! *my attempt at being "hip"*
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più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
Just two? Really?
All rightie then...guess the A/V Club really is dead. I think my soul kinda hurts now.
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
big smile
Awww, don't kill it! It's hurting too!

*pets A/V club's head* It's okay, little club.

Speaking of clubs, why don't you just make a fanpop club for it? I don't know if that would work, but you could try! I know I'd join it!
più di un anno fa Kitannah said…
Make that three, Phantomess! Don't kill it!
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
The thing is, I don't think anyone knows this is here and I really don't know where else to put it so that it will draw attention to itself for member of the spot, but not for RUG. If you get my drift. So I honestly don't know what to do. :/
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
Oh, I get what you mean. Stupid RUG. Grrr.
più di un anno fa renrae said…
*pokes thread with stick* Is it aliiiive? *pokepoke*

Right, I understand that you don't want to post links. (I can help with that if anyone wants it to be revived sometime, though. Also, I need the MU points.)

But I think possibly a recording list would be appreciated by some people. Also, I'm bored and want to write reviews for all of the musical recordings ever. Anyone up for it? I'll do it all myself so Phantomess doesn't have to have soul pain again when nobody appreciates it, but I'm missing a couple recordings.
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