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Phantomess posted on Aug 22, 2009 at 12:01AM
All right. Ground rules for this topic:
1. Yes, we're serious. You lay off our religion and we'll lay off yours.
2. Just as there are many denominations of Christianity, there can be several denominations of the Church of Erik. But we're all about the same thing, so let's respect how we all worship our Angel.
3. It'd be really awesome if you had a grasp of some other religions for cohesive reasons. If you know how other religions function it will be easier to contribute here. If you aren't really good with theology, at least be polite to people who do study it.
4. Nobody is 'in charge'. If anyone would like to have a formal worship service or anything like that we'll work out the details on an individual basis.
5. Erik is the central figure here. If you want to start a chapter specifically for Raoul or Christine, do it someplace else.

All right. All that aside I think the first order of business should be holidays! Remember all the great religions of the past have usurped other religion's holidays so don't have any hesitations about covering up Christmas or Passover with something Phantomy. But let's at least try to have some reasoning behind it. Nothing's more embarrassing than having it pointed out to you that your saviour was actually born in the spring when you have a giant celebration in midwinter for it. Isn't that right, Christians?

At any rate I would suggest the following:
Sept 23-Jan 10. This is the period during which the novel first ran in serial form. I'd say this would be the kind of thing that would equate to something like Lent. It's there, and some really hardcore people still observe it, but most of the religion probably will not do more than make a nodding gesture toward it. I would suggest Sept 23 as the major focus of this, as it kicks the whole thing off. And this is the ORIGINAL publication here, so it is kind of important.
Shrovetide, or the 3 days before Mardi Gras. This is when the Bal Masque was held. Everyone else will be gearing up for Mardi Gras, so we could all probably get away with having an epic 3 day masked feast in honour of this. The idol of the holiday (yeah, I'm pagan. We like idols and tools) would be the Red Death.

Obviously I'm fundamentalist. But by all means pick some holidays for the musical as well.

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più di un anno fa JustHuddy said…

Great idea, Phantomess! *tries to keep squeeing to a minimum*

As far as musical dates...we should probably do something on October 9th (when it first opened in London).

I love the idea of the Lent thing for Sept 23-Jan 10.
 *squee* Great idea, Phantomess! *tries to keep squeeing to a minimum* As far as musical dates..
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
big smile
Oh by all means! Something like the Feast of the OLC, or the Day of St. Andrew the Betrayer.

I'd say that we should probably also have a saint/prophet day May 6, M Leroux's birthday.

Which brings up another subject of interest. Saints/prophets. How are we handeling this nonsense? I would think that authors etc that have added apocryphal books (we're all pretty well agreed that Leroux wrote THE Bible of Erik) would be listed under prophets. And really REALLY hardcore phans (Like Christine Daae, not the book one, the one that changed her name) would be up for election to sainthood. But then that leaves us with the other characters; daroga, Raoul, Christine, the managers, et al. Would these be like, what, comparable to the apostles...? I dunno. But I know I just about DIE laughing because I keep getting the image of Christine as the Madonna (old use, not pointy boobs use). I mean, think about it. ALW wants her to have God's kid in the sequel and didn't really think out the plot well enough to explain exactly HOW this occurred. Answer: immaculate conception!

Sorry....that last part was me just being strange.....*ahem* I'll behave now.
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
So, I'm a nerd. And with a little thought I managed to remember most of the Phantom version of a Hail Mary I came up with back in high school.

Hail Christine, full of grace,
the Phantom is with thee;
blessed art thou among sopranos,
and blessed is the talent aided by Erik.
Holy Christine, favoured of the Angel of Music,
pray for us phans, now and in the presence of the tone deaf.

I still wish I could remember the version of the Lord's Prayer I'd come up with. Something about "Our Phantom who art in the 5th cellar..." At least the Fundamental Church of Erik has one. :)
più di un anno fa TGITPC said…
Haha, I think it very blasphemous of me to contribute to this, seeign that I'm a devoted Catholic, but it's all in good fun, right? Just as long as we don't sacrifce Gerik phan girls to the Alter of the Mask or something of that nature. I can help with relgious details if needed seeing that we're going for more of a Christian parody.

Speaking of the whole Christine as the Madonna thing, wouldn't that make her son Gustave Christ? :)
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
It's meant mostly in jest, yes. But I, myself, am a pagan girl, and Phantom does figure into my religious beliefs. You know that nice full, contented feeling you get from thinking that God loves you and understands you? Well, I never got that feeling from God, but I get a similar feeling from Phantom. As long as you're good with me being a witch, I'm good with you being Catholic. :D
più di un anno fa renrae said…
Pagans unite!

....Sorry bout that....

What about symbols? Like objects, not people. Or a sign of somekind.

I think the mask is pretty much an obvious one here, but... yeah. We need symbols.

più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
Oh, definitely! I think a mask is the "official" symbol of the UCoE (At least that's what's on the button I got from identifying myself as a proud member.) But I also use the scorpion and grasshopper as symbols. Mostly as a component to the "Jesus fish", or the "Darwin fish", or, hell the "Viking fish". A noose would also be appropriate, I think. I mean, a cross was originally an instrument of torture and death, so it kind of makes sense. At least to my twisted mind.
If we would like to go a step further and have our own version of something like communion (which is technically trans-substantiation, which is technically magic. Sorry, it just amuses me how hard the Christian faith rails against witches, but they can use magic and appropriated pagan customs in their ceremonies) Erik was fond of good wine.
Of course, if you would wish to set up more of a pagan style altar, that wouldn't be difficult, either. Call upon Erik and Christine (or Erik and the unnamed/unseen woman from Box 5) as the Lord and Lady, use either a black or purple candle for your flame, if you use incense go with rose, and instead of an athame use a length of cord to represent the punjab lasso. Build your circle, call your watchtowers (If you want to assign character gaurdians to the towers I would suggest the daroga for Earth, Raoul for Air, Carlotta for Fire, and...well I haven't quite worked out Water yet. Stage version Meg would work, but I don't know how canonical everyone wants to be.) I might also suggest the use of a scrying mirror for the ceremony, and a glass of wine as an offering. I usually have my SFMBC monkey music box set in my altar as an avatar for Phantom (Hades gets a pomagranite, and the Morning Star a gold candle. And, no, I don't work black magic. I simply find it more prudent to be on good terms with Death so that when He is met there is no fear or trepidation. I do work with some lighter gods, but not regularly or strongly enough to devote an avitar to them on my altar.)
più di un anno fa renrae said…
So, the mask, the scorpion, the grasshopper, and the noose. That's good for so far.

The altar idea is great, and works well. As for candles, I'd use both black and purple. However, for the character guardians, I'm not sure if Carlotta works for fire. Raoul for Air and the Daroga for Earth fit, though. I haven't come up with anything else. Water is really hard for this, I can't think of anyone.

"Sorry, it just amuses me how hard the Christian faith rails against witches, but they can use magic and appropriated pagan customs in their ceremonies"

Don't be sorry. I'm the same way.
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
Carlotta was the only character (aside from Erik) who had enough moxy behind them to work for fire. Although I suppose Leroux Giry might work too. She got awfully worked up a couple of times. :)
più di un anno fa renrae said…
I think she fits better. She's a bigger character.
più di un anno fa TGITPC said…
I had another idea for a "saint". St. Otto the Destroyer :)
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
St. Otto... Hehe... If only he hadn't been ran over by a car, then we wouldn't have the travesty of LND... (I like the music though). Hey! We could use the songs from the musical as hymns, like they do in church!