Il fantasma dell’Opera The Pants Game Liiiiiiiiives!

Phantomess posted on Mar 09, 2010 at 08:59PM
Welcome to the Pants Game! For those of you who are too young to remember this from the old days of phandom, or haven't read about it in the Picks comments, the idea is:
1. you replace ONE word of a line from the show (POTO, LND, Y/K, whatever) with the word "pants"
2. Laugh hysterically or blush.
3. ???
4. PROFIT!!!

Let's start with some track titles to get things moving.

That's the PANTS that you ruined, you fool!

Only for PANTS

Giry confronts the PANTS

Look with your PANTS

Beneath a PANTSless sky

Dear Old PANTS

Why does she love PANTS?

Devil take the PANTS

PANTS never dies

Think of PANTS

Angel of PANTS

Music of the PANTS

Why have you brought PANTS here?

All I ask of PANTS

The point of no PANTS


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più di un anno fa JustHuddy said…
big smile
From Yeston/Kopit:

Without Your Pants

You Are My Pants

From Ken Hill:

He Will Not Go Out Without [a] Pants

Ne'er Forsake Pants, Here Remain
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
From the Novel:

The PANTS wept tonight!

She is singing to bring down the PANTS!

Is it the PANTS?

The PANTS Ghost really existed.

From Kay:

No PANTS can choose where we will love...

Nothing could have prepared me for PANTS!

più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
S'more Leroux:

He had a heart that could have held all of the empires of the world, but in the end he had to content himself with PANTS.

Lon Chaney movie: (The title cards, at least)

And his PANTS....There is no PANTS!


1943 movie:

You've stolen my PANTS!

Aaand a few from the wold of ALW:

Yet in his PANTS all the sadness of the world.

Look at your PANTS in the mirror, I am there inside!

This is the very PANTS which figured in the famous disaster. Our workshops have repaired PANTS and fitted parts of PANTS with wiring for the new electric light...

And just to make this thread even more wrong, I suggest the traditional fortune cookie add on be embraced here as well. Namely, adding "in bed" to the end of a line.

Nothing can save you now, except perhaps Christine! bed

The role which Miss Daae plays calls for charm and bed

Sing once again with me our strange bed
più di un anno fa phantomphan24 said…
This is fun!

Lon Chaney:

No PANTS has ever recieved such a finer gift.

Ahhhh! the PANTS ghost!

Cartoon Version:

Turn the PANTS, and the Opera House will be blown up!

That is what PANTS are for.

See Christine, I have made a mask that nakes me look like any other PANTS!

So your PANTS has reaveled himself has he?

The PANTS weeped tonight.

Claude Rains:

Hear those PANTS ringing soft and low.

Why hello PANTS.

Life here is like a PANTS.

Think of PANTS, think of PANTS fondley when we have said goodbye.

She is the one beind this, PANTS Daae!

You were once a friend and PANTS.

Sing once again with PANTS, our strange duet.


Bathing PANTS on the beach.

PANTStasma, city of wonders.

The PANTS underneath.

This is so PANTS.

Your PANTS, your real PANTS.

Can you take it? PANTS!

Please PANTS Giry I want to go back.

più di un anno fa Phangirl7 said…
Here's mine:

The Phantom of the PANTS is there inside your mind!
più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
This haunted face holds no horror for me now. It's in your PANTS that the true distortion lies.

Too many years fighting back PANTS.

They boasted he had once built for the shah of Persia a maze of PANTS!

You must change. I must get my PANTS. Two minutes, Little Lotte.

I gave you my PANTS, made your song take wing...

Yet his PANTS filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound.

And through PANTS my soul began to soar, and I heard as I'd never heard before.
più di un anno fa XChatterbox14x said…
You alone can make my PANTS take flight
Why have you brought me PANTS??
Yet in his PANTS the sadness of the world
PANTS, Grinning yellows, spinning reds, PANTS, take your fill let the PANTS astound you :D
più di un anno fa fansfunsz said…