Il fantasma dell’Opera Phantom sequel I'm writing.

ramengurl posted on May 20, 2010 at 01:02AM
Not to take away from the original novel. A sequel probably shouldn't be written (see LND), because Erik DIES... But I'm writing one of those "what if" things. It shall be EXTREMELY well researched and thought out, unlike some sequels we know *coughcoughPhantomofManhattancoughcough* *coughcoughLoveNeverDiescoughcough*.

Yes, Erik COMES BACK! *le GASP* but it's VERY logical the way I write it (at least I think so).

Okay, so Erik's dead. It starts after Christine leaves him with the ring (I've taken an artistic liberty and had him not buried, just in the coffin, for the sake of the plot. I know he was buried...). Soon a strange glow appears and transforms into a beautiful young woman. She breathes life into Erik. He gasps, tries to punjab the girl (of course), but passes through her *le gasp again*. He finds out that she's the real "angel of music" sent straight from Heaven by God. She offers him a deal. If he can find his reason for being and right all his wrongs by a certain time, instead of going to hell where he was SUPPOSED to go, he will be sent to Heaven and become the new Angel of Music, for real this time.

I know it sounds dumb, but I'm really trying with this one. Like I said. Going to be VERY well researched. I won't be done with this for years... But that's okay. I want it to be as perfect as I can get it. And accurate... Take THAT ALW! (age inconstancies... Tsk Tsk... Raoul is also NOT a drunk...) Erik is going to travel all over the world, so LOTS of research is necessary.

It will also be published. Hopefully.

Thoughts, critiques? I'll post the first chapter after awhile for a teaser (doesn't need much research, other than studying how to write Erik).

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più di un anno fa Phangirl7 said…
Sounds. . . interesting. I'd probably read it if it was ever published.