Il fantasma dell’Opera 1st Annual Phantom Awards (Phantys) Vote!

TGITPC posted on Aug 26, 2010 at 05:29PM
Hello everyone! TGITPC here! Say, ever wonder what would happen if Phantom had an awards show? Well wonder no more because one is now in production. A few friends and I are in the works of creating one run by phans, chosen by phans, and for the phans. We need every vote we can to make this wonderful. So, what we need from you guys out there is to vote. Anyone can! Movie phans, Leroux purists, and yes even you crazy LND phans out there. Each choice was nominated by a select group of people but now we need your help in determining who get the “Phanty” in the end. When the results are in, they’ll be announced in the form of a video by yours truly. So cast your vote and discuss who you want to win, who you would have liked to see nominated, or complain about the level of caliber it is. Here are the links to vote!

Part 1: link
Part 2: link

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più di un anno fa TGITPC said…
And now there's a trailer too!

più di un anno fa Phangirl7 said…
I voted! Twice! On 2 different sites! (Here and at TPO). (That's the Phantom's Opera for those of you who don't know.)