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JustHuddy posted on Nov 09, 2010 at 12:03PM
The Secret Santa thing is something that is done on the main Fanpop User spot, but I thought we could have our own Phantom-themed one! :)

After everyone has signed up, I'll pair you with another user and you'll have until December 25th to upload a gift for them. Yes, you have to make the gift yourself. It can be anything really, a story, a fanvideo, fanart, a song you wrote for them, anyting!

So basically, just post below saying that you want to join. If you'd like to, you can list some of your Phantom favorites (ship, versions, characters, actors, etc.) just so we can avoid giving a Raoul fanvid to someone who hates Raoul, an Erik/Persian fic to someone who hates the ship, or something similar to that.

Some "Secret Elves" may also be needed. Their job is to make gifts for people who's Secret Santa flaked out on them. If you're interested, just put that in your comment too.

Signup is closed.

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più di un anno fa Phantomess said…
I'll bite. I am made of suck when it comes to vids and stuff like that, but I can probably do a little one-off fan fic. NOT based on the 04 movie or the Argento. (well, unless you want some kind of parody or something) I'll also elf for ya if you need. :)
più di un anno fa PhanChrisRaoul said…
big smile
I'll do it!! And I'll be willing to do anything for Raoul, or Erik, or whoever, because I like them all. But yeah, my favorite characters are the big three, and my favorite version is ALW stage show. But I like the Leroux novel, and 2004 is okayish. And I'll do a fan fic, or fanart, and I'm open to suggestions. So basically, I'm fine with whatever!
più di un anno fa renrae said…
I'll participate! Uh, I can contribute fic and icons and dinky little videos.

I ship Raoul/Christine and occasionally dip my toes in Erik/Daroga. My favourite movie versions are the 1990 with Dance, the 1943 with Rains, and (of course)the 1925 with Chaney, but there are more that I've seen and I'm also a musical fan.

....and the book, obviously. (I've read and enjoyed Susan Kay's 'Phantom' as well.)
più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
I'll do it! I need to be on fanpop again, and this is mah club! My main one, at least. The only versions I hate are Angel of Music, Argento (though its good for a laugh) AND I CANNOT STAND THE 2004 MOVIE!!! I HATE Gerik, and Fop!Raoul... I would highly prefer Leroux or one of the other versions, and I don't care what it is! (as long as its not a smut fic) I'm not a shipper of any Erik pairings, so just one of Erik by himself, or something or other.

I can really make anything. Videos, art, fics, etc. I'm really good at icons and wallpapers.
più di un anno fa JustHuddy said…
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Yay! Four people! Thanks for the interest, everyone.