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MissPhantom posted on Jan 14, 2011 at 04:46PM
Hiyas, I've been obssessed with Phantom for 6 years now, 5 years since I saw the show in the west end and I am totaly obssessed with it. I've read, annotated and owns the original Leroux novel, annotated several of ALW's songs from the musical, has used up every wall in my bedroom writing notes on it about phantom, followed it on facebook almost obsesivley, shares a birthday with love never dies.

However I wish to broaden my horizions and expand to the other media reproductions of phantom and just anything else phantom I can get my hands on.

I know it will be difficult for I'm in the teenage phantatic phase however any help would be fully apreciated. Thank you all

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più di un anno fa ramengurl said…
Wait... So you've only been exposed to the stage show and the novel? If so...


There you go! If you want, I think I actually have almost every movie on that list on my computer at home, if you'd rather have that. I can send them to you at a later time. I suggest watching Chaney first, then maybe Charles Dance. Though wait on Chaney so that you can have a higher quality one, as the one on youtube sucks ass.

Hope that helps! I also suggest reading Phantom, by Susan Kay, if you're into the books.