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create a good ranger team vs. evil ranger team theme

 thelasthero posted ·12 mesi fa
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tuneatic said:
Power Rangers Royal Vanguard: When Queen Dellzarra ruler of the demon dimension Noklos and leader of the Oblivion Rangers decides to add earth to her domain Countess Hannah Beardsley recruits a crack team of rangers to stop her.

Countess Hannah Beardsley, Red Ranger, Leader
Gender: Female
Weapon: Rapier
Zord: Lion (Head and Torso)
Dynasty Zord: Eagle
Tech Genius, Swedish Nobility

Graham Kerrigan, Black Ranger
Gender: Male
Weapon: Chopper Axe
Zord; Helicopter (Right Arm)
Dynasty Zord: Jet
Rescue Helicopter Pilot

Sefina Palamo, Green Ranger
Gender: Female
Weapon: Nunchucks
Zord: Mini furgone, van (Left Arm)
Dynasty Zord: Motorcycle
News Photographer

Emilio Gonzalez, Purple Ranger
Gender: Male
Weapon: Buster Fists (Mystic Force Fighters)
Zord: coccodrillo (Left Leg)
Dynasty Zord: Rhino
Hollywood Action Star

Balaji Acharya, Blue Ranger
secondo in Command
Gender: Male
Weapon: Turbo Rifle
Zord: Police incrociatore (Right Leg)
Dynasty Zord: Tank
Global Police Organization Agent (GPO)

Princess Nene Yuuki, oro Ranger she joins later
Gender: Female
Weapon: Bo Staff
Zord: delfino (transforms into delfino Princess Megazord)
Megazord Weapon: Aqua Trident
Japanese Princess,Marine Biology Expert

Headquarters: Swedish Embassy
City: Fort Kraft
Ranger Weapons: Marquis Blasters, Noble Daggers
Crown Battilzer
Morpher: Royal Cell (has a ranger cappotto of arms on it)
Morphing Call: Vanguard to action
Motto: Royally: Vanguard rangers face the danger
Megazord Name: Monarchy Megazord
Weapon: Coronation Blade
Zeppelin Carrier Zord (Empress Ultrazord)

Allies: Ambassador Isak Johansson
Saga Akerman (Isak's Assistant)

Villain: Queen Dellzarra The Red Oblivion Ranger
Generals: Digmer The Black Oblivion Ranger, Protisson The Purple Oblivion Ranger, Obox The Blue Oblivion Ranger, Blightyana The Green Oblivion Ranger, Princess Nastinia The oro Oblivion Ranger (Dellzarra's Sister)
Oblivion Ranger's Zord: Vulskunk (Contains elements of avvoltoio and Skunk) secondo Zord Sharktoranha(Contains Elements Of Shark, Octopus, Piranha)
Nastinia's Zord: Skullzord
Dark Tiger Carrier Zord: (Darkness Ultrazord)
Troops: Horks

The Global Police Organization/GPO is my ranger equivalent to Interpol
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posted ·11 mesi fa 
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