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So right now Bc, is getting ready to go to the Cemetery........

Blossom: Buttercup, where the heck are te going?
Bubbles: yeah it's 11:00p.m.!
Bc: shhhhhhh! I don't want professor to hear us
Blossom: but where are u going?
Bc: I'm getting ready to go to the cemetery!
Blossom: but it's late!
Bc: I don't care if it's late!
Bubbles: te are soooooooooooo creepy
Bc: yea, I get that a lot.......(starts getting a cuscino and a blanket)
Bubbles: are te going to sleep in the Cemetery?!?!?!?
Bc: yup!
Blossom: arent te scared to go sleep there?
Bc: (stares at blossom) I ain't scared of anything
Bubbles: (rolls her...
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posted by applejackrocks
Note: Him was spying at the PPG and RRB the whole time

(at the ppg's room)
Blossom: BUTTERCUP!!!!!!!! Give back my bow!!!!!!
Bc: u want it? Then come and get it bloss
Bubbles: *thinking* oh here we go again.......
(scene changes to Him's house)
Him: grrrrr those rotten girls!!! How on earth could my boys fall in Amore with those rotten powderpuffs instead with the lovely powerpunks. WAIT! Maybe their is a way..... I'll go in those powderpuffs dreams and erase their memory! Oh I'm such a genius! Time to go to letto girls bwahahaha!!!!!
(scene changes with the girls)
Bubbles: girls can we stop fighting...
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So where was I? Oh yeah..........
Note: it's Nighttime
Buttercup: (runs home)
Butch: UGH! Me and my big mouth!
Brick: sup butch
Butch: yea yea 'sup Brick
Brick: why are u staring at buttercup's dress?
Butch: shut up
Brick: hehe sorry........BUTCHIE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Butch: te heard that?
Brick: yup!
Butch: shoot!
Brick: Wheres boomer?
Butch: he's still dancing with bubbles
Brick: awwwww how NOT cute!
Butch: dude u Amore blossom don't u?
Brick: ummmmmmm *blushes* yeah....
Butch: awwwwwwwwww hehe
Brick: grrrrrrr shut up!
Butch: where is blossom?
Brick: she went back home with Bc
Butch: Oh.......
Brick: do u wanna go...
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posted by ILoveThePPG
Many years had passed since the giorno the PowerPuff Girls were born. Now, all grown up, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were each pregnant with three daughters. Now that the girls were pregnant, the RowdyRuff Boys fought crime for them. They were now good guys like the girls. The had married the RowdyRuff Boys. Blossom married Brick, Bubbles married Boomer, and Buttercup married Butch. They all sat in the living room of the big house that the six of them shared.
"Hey, what do te think of the name Allie?" Bubbles asked her sisters. They were all Leggere Baby Name Books.
"Too common if te ask me,"...
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posted by RowdyRuff_01
Family?Happy?Love?I don’t know the meaning of that.I’m not stupid,I’m a very intelligent person,just I’ve never experienced none of those things.I spent most of my time on the streets,watching it at night and listening to the people who play the chitarra to make a living,and of course Canto to it sometimes.Butch and Boomer don’t really care where I am.We never really acted like brothers.So,the streets are like a family to me.Sounds lame,right?But I don’t care.And of course,every Christmas,I’m also alone.I don’t even try to be with my broth- actually I’m not sure what they...
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posted by LadyUnicornKiss
Sugar, spice, and everything nice, that how they all saw her, only her sisters knew the real her, and believe me, her sisters even acted like they didn't know the real her. People looked at her as the immature, ignorant and too aggressive one, yes, she was all three of those thing's, but she was also più than that, too bad no one would never let her mostra that she can be more...
Her sisters always got più attention; Blossom always winning science fairs, anf getting straight A's, o Bubbles always winning a beauty pageant, o becoming lil miss 2013 in Townsville middle school.
The only attention...
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posted by applejackrocks1

At home with the PPG....

Blossom: Did te heard the bad news girls?
Bubbles: No, what?
Blossom: The Rowdyruff Boys are moving in to our school!
Buttercup: That just Sucks!
Blossom: I know!
Bubbles: I just hope they don't ruin nothing!
Buttercup: Yeah! I swear that if they dare to mess the school up, I'm gonna punch, punzone them to the death!
Blossom: YEAH!

(The professor comes in)

Professor: Girls! Time for school!
Buttercup: sh*t..
Professor: What did u say young lady?!
Buttercup: I detto shoot! I detto shoot!
Blossom: *rolls eyes*...
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(the powerpuff girls are not home in their room with their pjs on)
Buttercup:Why did the Profeser have to interupt the fight?
Blossom:We have school tomorrow though
Buttercup:But we could have 1 this time!
Bubbles:We can get them tomorrow! :)

RRB:-looks in the PPG window-
Brick:Aww there all sad
Boomer:Butch stop yelling!
Butch:Your yelling!!!
Brick:Shut up!!!!!

Buttercup:-looks out window and see the RowdyRuffs yelling about something-
Butch:-sees Buttercup looking at them,pokes Brick-
Brick:What do te want!!!
Boomer:What about..-looks in window-oh.....
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posted by applejackrocks
(At home)

Butch: is she gonna be ok?
Bubbles: I don't know
Brick: oh gosh
Blossom: (crying) oh buttercup why why why (hugs brick)
Buttercup: w-w-w-where a-a-am I
Butch: oh good your awake
Buttercup: (jumps out of bed) who the hell are u guys
Blossom: quit joking around bc
Buttercup: my name ain't buttercup te sissy my name is jade
Bubbles: awww bc stop being a drama queen
Buttercup: my name is jade idiot (punches bubbles)
Bubbles: owwww (crying)
Boomer: BUBBLES!!!!
Buttercup: now if u will excuse me I need to change my stupid outfit and cause trouble (leaves to the bathroom to change)
Butch: I don't think buttercups joking
Buttercup: (comes out of the bathroom wearing a dog chain color and a black dress) bwahahaha
Brick: oh no
Butch: (with his mouth wide open) WOW!!!
Brick: (slaps butch)
Butch: owwww dude!!!
Buttercup: (destroys the ppg's house and heading to Townsville)

To be countinued.....
Narator:The city of Townsville,oh what a peaceful place and- Is that the RowdyRuff Boys!!!

Brick:There they are boys!
Butch:Let's go get those PowerPukes!!
Boomer:Ya the PowerPukes!
Brick:-smacks Boomer- no

Meanwhile with the powerpuffs...

Blossom:We should be getting home now girls
Bubbles:-looks at sky- Are those the RowdyRuff Boys?
Buttercup:-look at sky- Those are the RowdyRuff Boys!!
Blossom-I think there heading this way!!!

Brick:Hey Sissys!
Butch:Come and get us PowerPukes!
Boomer:Ya,what he said!

Buttercup:Boomer your just getting worst at talking!

Brick:Just shut up...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
 The Awesome Girl Squad
The Awesome Girl Squad
(theres 3 memebers of The Awesome Girl Squad,Beezus,Beetsie,and Brandi,Beezus has bron hair and wears green,Beetsie has arancia, arancio hair and wears pink,and Brandi has blond hair and wears neon purple)

Beezus:Im so bored
Beetsie:I am 2
Brandi:Anyone see The Tought Boy Gang?
Beezus:No,but let's go look for them
Beetsie:There probable at the bank.....robbing it
Brandi:Lets not waste no più time!
(The Awesome Girl Squad flies to the bank)

(Theres 3 members of The Tough Boy Gang,Brutese,Brady,and Brandon,Brutuse has brown hair and wear green,Brady has arancia, arancio hair and wears red,and Brandon has blond hair and...
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posted by applejackrocks
Note: the animal thing was just a dream
(bc was knocked out)

Butch: bc, wake up wake up
Blossom: I think I know what will wake her up (leaves the room)
Brick: what is she bringing?
Bubbles: code 62
Brick:......and that is?
Bubbles: one of buttercup's stinky sock
Blossom:(carring a stinky sock) watch out here comes code 62
RRB: GROSS!!! That stinks!
Blossom: I know I know u know why it stinks?
RRB: why?
Bloss: well cause bc used it più than 30 days and cause she's always walking barefoot.....
Brick: so why don't u girls wash the sock
Bubbles: are u nuts? If she finds out.. She will.......
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(In the PPG's house)

BC: UGH!!! I want to be a human NOW!
Butch: Yeah! When is the professor gonna be done with the cure?
Blossom: well, professor detto he will be done in......3....2...1...
Professor: Girls! I did it!
Brick: I hope this works
Professor: ok then, Buttercup drink this (passes a bottle to BC)
BC: are u sure this is going to work?
Professor: ofcourse it will........but..,...
Professor: we'll the cure's flavor is............Brocolli...
BC: Sh**
Professor: what did u say?
Bc: uhhh i detto shoot!
Blossom: yea right!
BC:(drinks cure and becomes normal)
Bubbles: it worked!...
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posted by ILoveThePPG
"I WANNA DANCE! AND LOVE! AND DANCE, AGAIN!" Cassie and Cheyenne sat in the floor of Renee's bedroom, staring up as their hyperactive cousin flew around the room Canto Dance Again da J. Lo and Pitbull. The two girls on the floor eyed each other.
"Wow. Renee is crazy." Cheyenne remarked.
"I know. But we Amore her." Cassie said, rolling her eyes.
"Come on! Sing with me!" detto Renee, flying down and grabbing Cassie's hands, dragging her up to the ceiling with her. Cassie momentarily freaked out, before letting go of Renee's hands, taking flight herself. On rare occasions, Cassie allowed herself...
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posted by ILoveThePPG
Okay guys. Ch. 5 is here. Squee~ X3
Braxton flew in through the window of his home & into the room he shared with his two brothers, Burn & Blix. They had to share a room because of the simple fact that their house was small. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room. Every room was so tiny.
Braxton tiptoed over to his matress (they were too poor to have real beds, & 13 was really too young for a job, although he knew Cassie & her sisters got payed for fighting crime along with their parents. He didn't because he was a villain).
Burn stirred slightly,...
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posted by applejackrocks
Bc: *blushing* wow.....
blossom: what do ya got there buttercup?
Bc: nothing
Blossom: *smirks* are u sure?
Bc: yup!
Bubbles: *crying* I miss b-b-boomer! Wahhhhhhh
Blossom: it will be alright bubbles
Bc: your such a cry baby bubbles
Blossom: Buttercup?
Bc: yeah?
Bc: well duh! What did u think I was doing!
(suddenly professor walks in)
Blossom: Yes professor?
Professor: do u guys remember what giorno it is tomorrow?
Bubbles: yeah! It's school!
Professor: and it's.......
Blossom: shoot i forgot! Tomorrow is PROM NIGHT!!!
Bc: ugh! I hate prom night!
Blossom: just because u can't dance u...
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Note: Blossom and bubbles are brushing their hair

Blossom: cheer up bc, I'm sure butch likes u
Bubbles: yeah, it's not like you'll never get a boyfriend
Bc: *sigh* I guess your right....
Bubbles: let's see, bc should I wear a blue o a white bow?
Bc: ummmmm..... Blue
Bubbles: great!!!!
Blossom: so bc, have Canto ever cheered te up?
Bc: well......sometimes...
Blossom: great! Then sing us a song
Blossom: *yelling* I detto TO SING A SONG BC
Bc: ok ok ok.... Here I go...
Bubbles this is going to be fun!
Bc: *singing* ohh ohh so much for my happy ending...ohh ohh so much for my happy ending...
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posted by BrandiUtonium
Brandi Utonium walked into the mall with her purple clothes on,when she walked her long,blonde pony tails moved in the wind.
She walked into a store called Hot Topic.
As she went to get some più bracelets,she Brandon,a member of The Tough Boy Gang.
She picked up some bracelets and got a pair of shoes.
She paid for them than walked over to Brandon,Brandon was looking at the shoes.
Brandi:Hi Brandon
Brandon:-he turned around to see Brandi standing there-Hi Brandi
Brandi:Long time no see dude -she detto as she hugged him-
(Just then Brutuse & Brady walked in)
Brady:Um..hi Brandon
Brutuse:I didn't know...
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With butch.......

Butch: I needa forget about Buttercup......just forget about her Butch! If te were dead o still alive I don't care I don't care! *crying* I try to make it through my life in my way, there's you... Just don't deny it, just deal with it.....

With buttercup........

Bc: (looking up at the stars) well its nice to hear your voice, I hope your doing fine, and if te ever wonder I'm lonely here tonight, I'm Lost here in this moment and time keeps slipping by, and if I had just one wish I'd had u da my side...... I'm sorry bubbles I'm sorry butch...(lays down) ugh I'm so hungry!
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posted by BrandiUtonium
 How I look at Brandon when were fighting
How I look at Brandon when were fighting
Im Brandi Utonium.
I'm a member of The Awesome Girl Squad.
I only wear neon purple and light purple.
I always wear my blond,long hair in a ponytail with little ribbons tying them.
My enimies are The Tough Boy Gang.
My sisters are Beezus and Beestie.
I'll be continuing The Awesome Girl Squad articoli da XxPowerPuffxX,she is my friend,but i call her sis,I told her to right The Awesome Girl Squad articolo I invented because i didn't have a Fanpop,after she published the story i made a Fanpop.
The person i like the most of The Tough Boy Gang is Brandon,Brandon is blond and wears dark blue.
Sometimes when me and my sisters are fight The Tough Boy Gang,I start to act nice and blush a little when im da Brandon.
Some of my best Friends are The PowerPuff Girls,
Brat is kind of a nice person,if u don't get her mad,Berserk is just violent and Brute is no doubt the meanest PowerPunk,
Thats a little about me and a little about what I think about people