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Source: me. i just drew this a few secondi fa
posted by BeccaDaHedgehog
Full Name; Rebecca Joi "Scorch" Arms The Hedgehog.
Age; 14.
Lives with; Mephiles, Robo-Knuckles, and Crescent the Vampire Hedgehog.

Country; Australia.
Food; Chili Dogs.
Movie; Avatar 3D.
T.V Show; The Simpsons.
Music; Crush 40, Owl City, Zebrahead, ragno Stacey, Dizzie Rascal, The Senile Delinquents, The Creaky Joints, Prann, Midnight Oil, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso, P!NK, and her own band.
Video Game; Sonic Unleashed, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing, and Grand Theft Auto IV.
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I nervously glanced around as we readied our instruments. Manic sat at his drum kit, eyes closed, drumsticks at the ready. Rebecca was grinning, her fiddle set under her chin. David and Annie sat on stools, David holding a chitarra and Annie a Mondolin. Crescent stood upfront, his voice his instrument.


I pressed my Tin Whistle to my lips, holding it gently in my crystal claws as to not snap it. The audience stared up at us, impatient for us to begin.


Manic hit his snare drum once... then again... then once more... untill David joined in with his acoustic guitar, and Annie with the Mandolin....
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posted by MercyHedgehog
Name; Rachel link the Hedgehog.
Call-sign/Operational Nickname; Mercy.
Age; 17.
Theme Song; link.
Location; No-where. Roamer.
Parantage; Father; Sonic the Hedgehog. Mother; Unknown. Died during childbirth.
Abilities; Control over water (Ironic, considering she hates it) speed (just as fast, if not, faster than her father) and can use most weapons.
Armed with; Arkansas Toothpick, P-90 Assult Rifle, AK-47, Heckler & Kock G-11, RDX Grenades, Desert Eagle, R-7 Jetpack, Maghook, and a few M-22 Plazma Grenades.
Weapon discription; Arknsas toothpick; A long sword attraversare, croce Dagger, so sharp if te leant on...
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"mephlies ,what are te doing?!" "taking care of your little boyfriend" he detto with a little evil smrik."hes not my boyfriend!"' "yeah....right" "you know what when i know how to get out of here your dead!" "you can try to run away with shadow but youll die,so i think te better stay here,and there gun soldiers here if te live they shoot you" "damn it!,youre soo- " so -what" "evil!" "You just now found out" "mephlies why-why are te doing this?!" "because your little boyfriend -shadow sealed me in the darkness,i could feel the world,touch it for 4 years do te know how i feel!" "you were...
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