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My superiore, in alto Ten Simpson's Episodes. These are what I think are the best of the series.

10). Treehouse of Horror XI (Season 12)

The Simpson's exit their house in a Munster theme and are killed da an angry mob except for Lisa who whistles away. Homer dies from choking on broccoli, broccolo and comes back as a ghost to do one good deed to get into heaven. Homer must rescue Bart and Lisa from a witch in a fairy tale way. Lisa lets a delfino go free which rules Springfield with its delfino sea friends.

9). Replaceable te (Season 23)

Homer's new coworker, Roz Davis, steals his job and makes it miserable for him. Meanwhile, Bart and Martin create a robotic foca, guarnizione that shows old people friendly love.

8). Bart Gets an F (Season 2)

After Bart fails a test he didn't study for, he uses a snow giorno to study for the test to retake it. Mrs. Krabappel gives him another F, but gives him a D when he is able to answer a domanda he missed through sobs.

7). Homer of Seville (Season 19)

Homer breaks his back and learns he can sing perfect while only laying on his back. He becomes a famous opera singer and grows fans. Marge and Homer are cornered da fans, but are saved da a female motorist named Julia. Julia reveals her true intentions to Homer da trying to have sexton with him. Chief Wiggum sets out a guard watch for Julia. Marge eventually spots her as the Musica conductor and stops her before she can kill Homer.

6). Treehouse of Horror (Season 2)

Bart tells the story of the Simpson's entering a haunted house that tryst to trick them into killing each other.

5). Gone, Abie, Gone (Season 24)

4). Large Marge (Season 14)

3). Four Great Women and a Manicure (Season 20)

2). Holidays of Futures Passed (Season 23)

1). Trilogy of Error (Season 12)
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The simpsons has dato the world laughter for 20 years and in that time the simpsons has had numerous guest stars of exeptinall calibere. However in the più recente episoded's the simpsons have relied constantly on having celebrites in the show. In my opion the simpsons use to many guest stars in one seasons.The way they do this means that the mostra is sometimes più situated on the guest stars snd less on the family.I am constantly annoyed when in most episode's there is a celebrity that the family meet and they constantly are suprised and Homer will make a joke.If the celebrites weren't playing therself then maybe that would make a diffrence. There are celebrites how play someone else but still manage to focus on the episode such as homer half brother herb powell, and singer Lurleen Lumkin played da Beverly D Angelo. In my opion the simpsons is still a great series but sometimes celebrites don't make the episode better.
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"The giorno the Earth Didn't Stay Still"

After Springfield is pronounced the most dangerous place to live in America the town begins to make it cleaner and safer. Professor Frink tells them that they should take this as an insult and go after the people who detto this. Lisa realizes that she is never the town's center of attention and takes this time to become it.

"Losing Nemo"

After Lisa is pulled underwater and nearly killed da a swordfish she adds them to her daily meals and wears them for clothing to get revenge. Marge thinks that Homer's diet trainer named Emily Donner is trying to seduce him....
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full episode
Part one:
Part two:
Thought te guys might enjoy watching this since it's around the holidays. te may have already seen these pictures, but if te have it never hurts to see them again. Let me know how te think of the video that I made using animoto. I am kind of stalling as te can probably tell since for some reason the forum o bacheca isn't working out for me and I need to type a certain number of characters before it'll allow me to pubblica this.
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With its first year, The Simpsons became the volpe network's first sequence to position among the superiore, in alto 30 highest-rated tv series of a Televisione year.Due to these achievements, volpe made the decision to change The Simpsons' timeslot in desires that it would outcome in greater scores for the reveals that would air after it.The sequence shifted from 8:00 p.m. on Weekend evenings to one time on Thursdays where it competed with The Cosby Show, the variety one mostra at enough time.Many of the manufacturers were against the shift, as The Simpsons had been in the superiore, in alto 10 while broadcasting on Weekend and...
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