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KarinaCullen posted on May 17, 2013 at 01:37PM
What do you want to see in Season 5??

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più di un anno fa TheBigBad said…
Since we don't know the specific ages of Damon and Stefan, it is then revealed that they are twins and that Silas is actually a doppelganger of Damon, but when the Salvatore brothers were born, the mystical doppelganger abilities were instead inherited by Stefan. This causes a sort of loophole; so instead of Silas' life being directly linked to Damon, it's actually Stefan who carries this burden. When Ketzia is resurrected, initially she is confused at who is who. Ketzia is also revealed to be another past doppelganger of Elena's, which causes more confusion and then all the actors quit because even they were confused at what was going on. They are all replaced by the cast of the Buffy the Vampire TV series, the show is rightfully renamed and the show continues as if it never went off the air.
KarinaCullen commented…
lol più di un anno fa