The Vampire Diaries Which song played in the background fitted the scene most out of these? [NOT which scene/song did te like the most]

Pick one:
"Gravity" Sara Bareilles - SE first baciare [1x04]
"Down" Jason Walker - SE breakup [1x06]
"Cut" Plumb - SE first time [1x10]
"run" Leona Lewis - DS scene, Bonnie's grandma dies [1x14]
"All I need" Within Temptation - DE dance [1x19]
"Bloodstream" Stateless - Damon/Katherine baciare [1x22]
"All this time" One Republic - SE data [2x02}
"Ashes and wine" Fine Frenzy - Caroline/Matt breakup, DE conversation [2x03]
"Wires" Althlete - SE breakup [2x06]
"In my veins" Andrew campana, campana, bell - Bonnie/Jeremy scene [2x08]
"I was wrong" Sleeperstar - Damon compells Elena [2x08]
"Stay" Hurts - DE conversation {2x13]
"Losing your memory" Ryan stella, stella, star - Damon confesses to Andie about Elena[2x13]
"Broken Strings"James Morrison - Katherine seducing Damon [2x16]
"Skinny love" Birdy - Jenna's funeral [2x21]
"Holding A Heart"Girl Named Toby - Caroline's reuning with her mom [2x22]
”I Should Go” Levi Kreis - DE "goodbye" baciare [2x22]
"A drop in the ocean" Ron Pope - SE phone call [3x01]
Echo Jason Walker - DE "I want te to remember the things te felt" [3x02]
“Holding On and Letting Go” Ross Copperman - DE baciare [3x10]
"Devotion" Hurts - DE at the Original's ball [3x14]
“Poison & Wine”The Civil Wars - Elena calling Stefan & Damon [3x15]
“Never Let Me Go”Florence + the Machine - DE makeout [3x19]
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