The Vampire Diaries What was your preferito scene from The Vampire Diaries - Into the Wild ?

Pick one:
Elena asks Damon if he'll take the cure, once they find it
Bonnie tells Silas' story to Jeremy
Professor Shane tells his experience with the magic well
Someone saves Jeremy's life
Elena tells Damon her feelings for him won't change after the cure
Klaus attacks Caroline
Stefan tells Rebekah that if he takes the cure, it won't be for Elena
Bonnie gets suspicious of Shane
Jeremy is kidnapped da a mystery man
Tyler promises to be Klaus' slave again if he saves Caroline's life
Rebekah saves Elena
Klaus watches as Caroline slowly perishes in front of him
Damon tries to get the truth out of Shane da torturing him
Damon admits to Elena he doesn't want her to be cured
Elena asks Damon to be human with her
Klaus finally saves Caroline
Elena learns Stefan's willing to take the cure
Shane finally shows his original plan
A new hunter kills Damon
honorable mention :Rebekah complimenting Damon's behind
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