The Vampire Diaries Your preferito Scene/Part in "Christmas Through Your Eyes"? (6.10)

Pick one:
Flashback Natale with Elena & Bonnie & Caroline (+Liz Forbes)
Bonnie's lonely Natale in 1994.
Elena&Caroline "I think it's great he's always been there for u when it mattered"
Liv & Jo "Maybe you're strong enough to beat him."
Alaric & Damon "Let's just stop pretending it has to do with anyone else but you"
Stefan & Caroline "She's strong. She's gonna get through this Stefan. Right?"
Kai sucks the magic of the Travellers spell & breaks the curse from Mystic Falls.
Matt & Enzo "You are right. I'm jealous of Stefan. He has what i want."
Damon&Elena phonecall " was pretty horrible & i just wanna see you."
Jeremy&Bonnie same place. Different era. "We miss te Bonnie." "I miss te guys."
Damon gets his car back. "Just do me a favor. Don't die again."
The last scene. Kai puts a mantello spell above Elena.
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