The Vampire Diaries #3 - Friday Night Bites VS Bad Moon Rising VS The End Of The Affair VS The Rager VS Original Sin VS Welcome To Paradise. Your preferito Episode?

Pick one:
1.03 - Friday Night Bites (Stefan gives Elena the necklace, Elena slaps Damon...)
2.03 - Bad Moon Rising (Elena&Damon&Alaric trip, Stefan teaches Caroline to feed)
3.03 - The End Of The Affair (Flashback to 20's with Stefan, Klaus & Rebekah..)
4.03 - The Rager (Elena hallunicates and sees Damon, Elena VS Rebekah...)
5.03 - Original Sin (Flashback to Silas past, Stefan wakes up with amnesia...)
6.03 - Welcome To Paradise (Kai's appearance, Bonnie gets her powers back...)
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