The Vampire Diaries Your preferito Scene/Part in "I'd Leave My Happy home For You"? (6.20)

Pick one:
Alaric's & Jo's bachelor parties.
Alaric & Damon talking about the cure. "I just want to be with Elena."
Matt & Tyler fight "Are te that incapable of not raging out?"
Stefan's voicemail to Caroline "You should be here. Come home."
Stefan trying to help ripper Lily.
Enzo & Damon talking about the cure. "Being human isn't what te really want."
Elena & Jo & Bonnie talking about Damon & the cure.
Damon & Elena at the clock tower "You only live once right?" "Once o twice."
Enzo informs Stefan that Damon plans to take the cure with Elena.
Lily attacks Bonnie & she informs Jo she is expecting twins.
Elena takes the cure at the ex porch house "I Amore you." "Till death do us part."
Elena's memories returned with bonus one Elena & Damon first date.
Lily snaps Damon's neck & goes after Elena.
Stefan & Damon talking about the cure "Being human is the last thing te want."
Jo informs Alaric about expecting twins & Alaric tells her they'll leave MF.
Elena tells Damon to rethink taking the cure with her.
Enzo & Lily in the Salvatore basement .
Kai & the vampires+witches in the prison world.
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