The Vampire Diaries Let's say you're Elena... what would te think about Jeremy and Bonnie being a couple?

Pick one:
My BFF and my lil bro together? Super excited! I'd be the #1 Jonnie fan!
I'd support Jonnie as long as they're happy...
Umm... My little brother with my (older) BFF? Not a good idea...
I'd be cool but Bonnie better watch her back. I'd be in super overprotective mode
NOT GOOD. I'd lock Jer in the highest tower AWAY from her
With all honesty... I'd be più concerned for her...
My brother and my best friend?! EWW... I'd be too grossed out to think about them
If I was Elena I'd be all over Damon! Not time to think about anything else!
 iandamonfan posted più di un anno fa
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