The Vampire Diaries [Season 1] From all the events/parties in Mystic Falls te would've like to go to... (b/c either te liked how someone was dressed o the party itself o whatever reason)

Pick one:
Back to School Party (1x01 Pilot)
Night of the Comet Festival (1x02 Night of the Comet)
Founder's Party and Heritage Display (1x04 Family Ties)
Sexy Suds Car Wash (1x05 You're Undead to Me)
Halloween Party (1x07 Haunted)
Party at The Grill (1x08 162 Candles)
Career Night (1x10 The Turning Point)
'50s Decade Dance (1x12 Unpleasantville)
Duke's Party (1x14 Fool Me Once)
Founder's giorno Fundraiser and Bachelor Raffle (1x15 A Few Good Men)
Founder's giorno Kick-Off Party (1x18 Under Control)
Miss Mystic Falls Pageant (1x19 Miss Mystic Falls)
Founder's giorno Celebration ( 1x22 Founder's Day)
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