The Talk Over due
"So there it is," Damon says to Stefan. "There it is," Stefan echos. "But it's okay, because if loving Elena means te protect her, I'm fine. But I have something te never will...her respect." As soon as the words leave Stefans' mouth, Damon lashes out. With one blow he sends Stefan flying into a bookcase, makeing a trail of libri fall to the floor along with Stefan. "Listen here little brother and listen close. I'll only say this once. Yes, I'm in ove with Elena, and no i don't have her respect. But what makes te think your little relationship will last? The big bad vampire issue will come to light. te will stay ageless seventeen, and Elena will slowly wither and get old. Die even. She's going to want more. She's not going to want martyr Stefan anymore. And when she does, and she will, I will be there. I'm the one who keeps her alive at the end of the day. What do te do?" Damon quickly makes piercing eye contact with Stefan, grabs a bottle of Burben and glass, and speeds into his room with intense vampire speed.

As Damon steps into his room, there sits Elijah, quite comfortable. "Hello Damon," he doesnt have a smile on his face. "Shouldnt te be dead somewhere?" Damon quips. "I'm just here to talk, after which i will leave te be" his voice sounds sincere. But, he was an original. Originals lie. Not to forget that Damon had tried to kill him. Twice.

"Okay. Get it out. What is it that te want to say to me so bad?" Damon starts to feel a little tipsy. "Did te know i was in Amore with my brothers' girl, Damon?"his calm voice doesnt falter, however Damons' does. "That brother being Klaus, and that girl being Kathrine? Oh yeah i know where this is going." he forgets the glass, and just begins to drink out of the bottle. Eh, What the hell? "Kathrina was special to me. Klaus didnt treat her right, and for a short time i let myself feel something for her. Much like te with Elena." Original, Newbie. Damon didnt care. "I've already had this talk many, many times, and it is getting just a tad old. So spit. it. out." he snuggles up close to the fuoco which would burn any human severely. "I know what it's like. I know it's hard. But if te wait for her, to come to you, instead of throwing yourself at her, I very much gaurantee, you'll have her. And Stefan wont. I mad the mistake of trying to save Kathrina, when she really didnt need to be saved. I know te wont make the same mistake" Elijah stands up and walks to the dimly lightened door.

"Why are te telling me this?" Damon asks. Elijah looks him over long and hard. " Because Damon, I see much of myself in you. It's quite a shame..." he trails off into thought. "Go to hell" Damon stampers. "Gladly" Elijah answers, and disappears throught the dark and dangerous hallway, and banishes into the night.