Once again Elena pulled Damon’s arm over her shoulder.
“I can walk myself now” Damon said, but Elena ignored him.
“You’re not strong enough yet” Elena said.
“Geez, Elena, just admit te can’t resist touching me” Damon joked. Elena’s cheeks turned red, but she recovered quickly.
“Good to know te can make jokes again” she said. They walked further.
“Can I ask te something?” Damon said. “How did te find me?”
“I had a dream” Elena began to explain. “In which your voice guided me to you…In my dream te died”
She paused to breath. Then she carried on. “Anyways, when I woke up I remembered everything that happened the last few weeks and I knew te needed me…And Jeremy knew where te were…Anna helped him”
Damon shook his head, a little confused. “Okaaayyy” he said.
“Don’t make fun of me, Damon” Elena said. “It’s the truth”
“I believe you” Damon said. He smirked. “Sooo…you dreamed about me, huh?...Told te te couldn’t resist me”
“Okay, that’s it” Elena detto and she let go of him, making him lose his balance. “You can walk yourself” She walked further, leaving Damon behind, her lips forming a teasing smile
Damon staggered after her. “Alright, I’m sorry” he said. “I promise I won’t make any jokes anymore”
Elena stopped. “Don’t make promises te know te can’t keep”
“I promise I will try to make no più jokes” Damon said. “Better now?”
“Much better” Elena said. She hooked her arm in his and helped him walk further.
They heard Tyler’s voice. Apparently he had come back for them.
“We’re here, Tyler!” Elena yelled, helping Tyler find them.
Tyler appeared from behind a turn and came their way. He helped Elena carry Damon.
“Where is…?” Elena started, but Tyler already knew what she wanted to ask.
“Caroline took her and Jeremy to the hospital” he answered.
“Jeremy’s hurt?” Elena asked worried.
“The house collapsed” Tyler explained. “He didn’t look injured, but Caroline insisted he should have a check-up. Just to make sure”
Elena nodded in understanding. “Why did she take…her too?” she asked a little bitter. “I thought Jeremy killed her”
“Caroline checked her pulse. She wasn’t dead yet, but I’m not sure she’s going to live” Tyler said.
“Wait” Damon came in between. “She detto the spell could only be broken if she got killed. If she’s not dead, how can the spell be lifted?”
“Maybe she lied” Tyler shrugged. “Maybe she just had to be at the brink of death to undo the spell”
“Makes sense” Elena said.
“We’re there” Tyler detto and they looked up at the big whole they had created.
“You first” Damon detto to Elena and Tyler climbed up with her.
Then a hand appeared and expecting it was Tyler’s Damon grabbed it and he was pulled up. He looked in a familiar face, but not Tyler’s.
“Stefan” Damon detto startled.