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Katherine was sitting on a chair. A row of small stakes pinched each arm to the arm-rests and a special kind of muzzle kept her mouth shut. The muzzle also had stakes, smaller than the arm stakes, and they pierced through Katherine’s jaws. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” Veronica detto demeaning. “Actually, I’m not. te had this coming. te broke in here, te threatened me” She took a chair and put it down in front of Katherine. “Such a pity Derek chose the wrong side. If he hadn’t Damon Salvatore would be sitting successivo to you”
Katherine managed to produce a smirk.
“Oh, don’t be so smug” Veronica sniffed. “I’ll get to him. He’s the one that killed Kelsey. He will die a slow and painful death” she said, più to herself than to Katherine. She stood up and walked to a corner, where she picked up her cross-bow. “In the meantime” she said, while she aimed the crossbow at Katherine. “I have te to have fun with” and she fired.
“They took Katherine? Why?” Damon asked dismayed.
“They didn’t take her. They just…they won’t let her go” Derek detto agitated. “Like I said, she was upset and she was in the mood for some kills. But Ronnie had already summoned us to capture you, so when Katherine came we could easily overpower her”
“You mean te took her da surprise” Damon snapped disgusted. Derek shrugged uneasy. “Yeah…Ronnie shot a few arrows in her back and Rachel snapped her neck” he explained.
“Who the hell is Rachel?” Damon asked frowning and squeezing his eyes.
“She’s Kelsey and Amber’s...
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Damon looked pissed at Veronica while he pulled the vervained Arrow out of his shoulder. He scribbled up and looked around to see if he recognized anyone. He didn’t. Veronica aimed her crossbow at him and fired again. Damon screamed, but managed to stay on his feet.
“What’s going on?” a familiar voice detto agitated. Derek pushed some people aside and looked at Damon, who looked back betrayed.
Veronica handed the crossbow to Derek and her eyes still pinched on Damon she said: “Go ahead. Finish the job, Derek”
“What?” Derek asked confused.
“Kill him” Veronica said. “He killed...
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Damon walked towards the old building. Jeremy had told Damon Veronica was alone now and though Jeremy didn’t want Damon to hurt her, he still thought that if Damon threatened her she’d listen and leave. Damon, on the other hand, very well knew Veronica wouldn’t let him scare her off and so there was only one thing left to do. Kill the bitch.
He opened the door, which was unlocked. That should’ve occurred strange to him, but Damon didn’t pay much attention to it. He walked through the hallway until he found the largest room.
“Hello, Damon” Veronica said. “So, Jeremy signs up...
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Jeremy parked his car at the address Veronica had dato him. She was waiting for him outside.
“What are those signs?” Jeremy asked, pointing at the signs on the wall.
“They’re to keep ghosts out” Veronica explained.
“Ghosts?” Jeremy asked skeptic.
“Yeah, te know, dead people” Veronica said. “You can’t see the signs during the day, because it’s fluorescent paint”
“So, ghosts can’t enter” Jeremy detto slowly.
“Well, they can travel with mediums, but you’re not a medium” Veronica replied obviously. She squeezed her eyes and cast Jeremy an exploratory glance....
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The door of the Grill opened and Matt saw Tyler sitting at the bar, baciare Veronica. Matt rolled his eyes and turned around to leave again, when Tyler blocked his way.
“Are te leaving already?” he asked surprised. “Don’t be so stupid, have a drink with us”
Matt glanced at the bar. “You mean with te and Veronica? Yeah, I think I’m going to pass” He wanted to leave, but Tyler gripped his arm. “Aahh!” Matt exclaimed and looked shocked at Tyler, but he didn’t let go.
“We have to talk. It’s about Caroline” he started. “I need te to tell her that I Amore her. This...
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Katherine was standing in front of Ric’s loft. She was practicing her speech and gathering her courage.
“Come on, Katherine” she told herself. “Just go in there and tell him te Amore him” She pushed the latch down and entered.
“Stefan?” she called.
“I’m in here” Stefan replied from out of the living room. Katherine walked further into the room. Stefan was standing against the closet. He was alone. “I didn’t expect you, but I’m glad you’re here”
“Really?” Katherine asked hopeful. She couched to restore herself. “There’s something I have to tell you”
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Caroline was mostrare the new moves to the cheerleaders, when she saw Tyler heading her way from the corner of her eye. “Okay, practice is over. Nelly, you’re going to have to practice that spin” she said, before quickly walking away.
“Caroline!” Tyler shouted. He knew she was walking away because of him. “Caroline!” he shouted a bit harder, but Caroline just continued ignoring him. “I didn’t see te last night at Homecoming”
Caroline stopped, but didn’t bother turning around. “That’s because your eyes were glued onto Virginia” she detto snarky.
“Veronica” Tyler...
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Jeremy entered the Grill. He still had some time before school and this just couldn’t wait. He looked at the bar and to his relief Veronica was on duty. He walked to the bar and sank down on a stool.
“What can I get you, kid?” Veronica asked with a demeaning look.
“Do te have a birra mat? And a pen?” Jeremy asked secretive. Veronica gave him a birra mat and a pen and Jeremy scribbled something down. He shove the mat to Veronica.
“I want in” it said.
“You can’t just sign up, te know” Veronica said. “I need to know I can trust you. Isn’t your sister involved with vampires,...
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The successivo morning
Grumpy and irritated Klaus entered Ric’s loft. Even with Tyler dating Veronica, Caroline was still clinging onto her ex-boyfriend. He should’ve never turned Tyler. He should’ve just killed him.
Klaus reluctantly looked up at Rebekah who came off the stairs.
“We need to talk” she detto with her hands on her hips. She waited for Klaus to say something back, but he just raised his eyebrows. “You have to tell Stefan what happened in the past. We are losing him, Klaus. Katherine is weaving her web around him and we need to get him out before it’s too late”...
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Damon walked Elena away from the dance. Actually he was walking and baciare her at the same time. They reached the stairs on the football field and Damon clenched Elena’s butt and lifted her up.
“Damon, everyone can see us” Elena mumbled uneasy, while Damon’s hot and wet kisses made her body feel like it was set on fire. She gave up resisting and threw her arms around Damon’s neck. She turned around Damon and pushed him down. She sat on his lap and kissed him again.
She wanted to open his button-down, when she gasped and her eyes bulged.
“Elena!” Damon exclaimed. “Did I do something?”...
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Bonnie was sitting in Indian style on the floor of Caroline’s room. A book was lying open and three candles were surrounding it. She vowed her hands and whispered the words on the pages.
The front door slowly opened and someone slowly walked upstairs. The latch of the door in Caroline’s room went down and the door slowly opened.
“I thought te couldn’t do magic anymore”
“Oh my God!” Bonnie shrieked. She quickly got up and turned on the light. She bent and blew out the candles. “What the hell are te doing here?” she whispered loud and reproaching.
“I missed te at the Homecoming...
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Klaus and Caroline were reaching the superiore, in alto of a 1050 feet tall tower. Caroline had no idea why she was going along with Klaus; all she knew was that she had to go with him.
Klaus let go of her and took the compulsion away. Caroline shook her head and turned to Klaus. “Where are we? Where did te take me?” she demanded to know.
“Vous êtes à Paris, mademoiselle” Klaus answered with a charming smile. He bowed, took Caroline’s hand and kissed it. His lips had barely touched her soft skin, when she jerked her hand.
“I don’t know what your angle is” Caroline started as she walked backwards....
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Derek entered Ric’s loft. He had been eavesdropping Stefan and Katherine’s conversation and now he was looking for Rebekah.
“Rebekah!” he yelled.
He heard some mumbling coming from the basement. He raced toward it, opened the door and saw Rebekah sitting at the bottom of the stairs. She had been staked with a regular stake, but her hands were chained, so she couldn’t pull it out.
Derek ran off the stairs, kneeled and pulled the stake out. Then he unchained her hands and gave her the bag of blood he had been carrying with him. “I know te prefer the fresh stuff, but it’s the best...
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“Nice dress” a familiar, male and British voice whispered in Caroline’s ear. She startled, but recovered quickly. She tried to spot Damon and Elena, but since they were nowhere to be found, she took a deep breath and turned around.
“What do te want?” she asked sharp.
“Well, first I would like to know why you’re not wearing the dress I sent you” Klaus said.
“You sent? Wait, te gave me the dress with the note?” Caroline asked surprised.
“Of course” Klaus answered. “You didn’t think Tyler has that good of taste, did you?”
“Oh, well, ehm, I couldn’t wear it anyway”...
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Katherine was standing da the punch, punzone bowl. She looked around to make sure no one was watching, before she conjured a small bottle and poured some of its content in the bowl. She stirred with the ladle to mingle the alcohol with the punch.
“I saw that”
Katherine smirked and turned around. Stefan was standing behind her, his hands in his pockets.
“And what is that, Mr. Salvatore?” she asked. She took a cup and poured some punch, punzone in it.”Can I seduce te to a sip?” she whispered while she held the cup against his lips.
Stefan accepted the cup and drank. He raised his eyebrows. “Are you...
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Caroline was putting on her dress when the door of her bedroom opened and Liz appeared. “Sweetie, there’s someone here for you” she detto soft. Caroline, expecting it would be Tyler, nodded and said: “Okay, mom, te can let him in”
But it wasn’t Tyler, it was Damon. Caroline turned around annoyed. “You’re the last person I expected. What is that te want?” she asked a little hostile. She zipped the dress and turned around.
“I want to say I’m sorry” Damon said, reaching out his hands. “I was wrong keeping te away from Elena. You’re the best friend she has and I was...
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“You’re going to regret this” Rebekah detto trembling. “That’s my necklace. I Lost it, back in the twenties. On the night I met your brother” Klaus never detto she couldn’t tell Damon.
“You’re lying” Damon replied supercilious.
“Am I, now?” Rebekah detto slowly as she stepped closer to Damon. “Stefan knew how to experience all the perks of being a vampire. We had so much fun together, while te were probably sulking over your dear Katherine”
“And you’re telling me this, because?” Damon wondered.
“Stefan and I have a past, a present and if te back off and don’t pull of stunts like te just did, then we might have a future” Rebekah answered threatening.
“But pulling stunts is so fun” Damon replied.
“You don’t want be on my bad side, Damon” Rebekah threatened. Suddenly she gasped, her eyes bulged and her face turned dark grey.
“No” a female voice said. “But I do”
Rebekah fell down and Katherine appeared.
“Damon, what are we doing here?”
Damon had parked his car in front of Ric’s loft and now a mischievous smile was playing around his lips. “You want your collana back, don’t you?”
Elena shook her head. “No, I don’t miss it” she said.
Damon averted his head to her. “But te need it. There’s vervain in it”
“I’ll drink vervain tea” Elena suggested.
“You can forget” Damon warned. “And it could mix with your other tea”
“And te think my collana is in there?” Elena asked doubtful.
“I know it is” Damon replied. “Katherine told me Rebekah has it”
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Veronica parked her car in front of the old building. She walked out of the car and Rachel, who had come with her, followed her. Veronica walked up to the door and opened. “Get inside” she told Rachel. After Rachel entered Veronica locked the door. She waved at the people in the back and they stopped with what they were doing. One of the guys came their way.
“Hello, Veronica” he said.
“Hello, Derek” Veronica replied. “How’s it going?”
“It’s going very good. They are getting really good. I think we have a real chance in beating those…”
“Abominations” Veronica said...
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