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The winx were in fourth period. A voice came over the intercom about 30 minuti into the class.
"Mr.Wizgiz can te please send the winx to my office, they will not be coming back." MF said.
The winx looked at each other in wonder.
what did they do?
"Yes headmistress." Wizgiz detto then nodded at the winx who had already packed up.
"Thank you." MF said.
The winx walked out of the classroom.
"At least we get to miss the rest of school." Stella relieved.
The winx walked in MF's room and saw her waiting.
"Hi Ms. F." They said.
"Hello girls." Mf detto while the girls went to her desk.
"What's wrong?" Bloom asked.
"I have been thinking, your sirenix powers are indeed very strong but...I've done some research and I know a way to, upgrade them." MF said.
The girls looked at each other.
"You mean, like, get another transformation?!" Stella yelled.
"No no, make your sirenix powers più powerful. You'll still have sirenix just più powerful." MF explained.
"So how do we do it M. Faragonda." Musa asked.
"You have to go to the cave of essences and find the sacred dove."
"The cave of essences?" Bloom, Stella, and Tecna questioned.
"What's that?"
"The cave of essences is filled with a few rare things that make your powers più powerful." Flora said.
"Indeed." MF said.
"Oh. but where is this cave of essences." Tecna asked.
"It is down near the seagull cove. te know where that is right?" MF said.
The winx nodded.
"It's a few miles, about 2, west from it." MF instructed.
"Ok so we have to find a sacred colomba and do what with it?" Stella asked.
"You must ask it for a sample of it's essence, 6 drops. One for the each of you."
"Why do only need 1?"Stella asked.
"Because the sacred dove's essence is very very strong. te musn't use più then one drop." MF said.
"Ok. When do we leave?"
"At 5:00, go get ready."

The winx went to the dorm they put on adventure clothes. (That's what I call it) and waiited until 5:00.
"Hey guys, have te ever heard of the underwater kingdom of Seans?" Musa asked.
"Yeah." Tecna and Aisha said.
"Oh, well it says that their on the look out for someone to marry their son, Prince Aiden."
"Ok... te wanted to tell us this why?" Bloom asked.
"I'm just really bored."

The winx left and went to Ms. Faragonda's room.
"One più question, will the boys be with us for this mission?" Stella asked.
"Aren't we always." Brandon detto while walking behind her followed da the other boys.
"BRANDON!!" Stella yelled while jumping into his arms.
"Okay girls te know where to go so hop to it." MF said.
The winx and specialist head out and got on the ship and left.

~While flying 6:02~
"We are appoaching the cave of essences we should be there in 5 minutes." Timmy said.

~A base close da an announcement was made~

"WARNING ALL TROOPS THERE IS A UNKNOWN SPACECRAFT APPROACHING THE CAVE OF ESSENCES SQUAD 3 GO GUARD THE CAVE!!!" Someone yelled. A group of 21 men walked out of a building with white jumpsuits on and long silver staffs. They raised them high and turned invisible and flew off to the cave of essences(COE) unseen. They beat the winx into the COE. The cave was lit up da the very bright light outside and had very shallow waters. There were fiori on the ceiling. stella, star gazers, Jasmines, and carnations.
There was an arc where land was in front of a opening to a narrow hallway. The guards stood in front of the arc and stood ready to fire.
"Wait for my word to let down your stealth and fire. Telepathic communication only." The guard in the middle said.

~Winx and specialist~
They landed and got out of the ship. The winx were already in their sirenix. They all walked in the cave Tecna and Timmy were trying to use a tracker to find the COE but something was wrong.
"Hey guys theres something wrong with the tracker." Tecna announced.
"Oh great how are we going to find it now." Stella complained.
"The voice of nature could tell me." Flora mentioned.
"Go for it." Bloom supported.
Flora started listening to the voice of nature.
down the narrow hallway in the back and the first hallway on the left is basically what all the plants told her.
"Anything?" Musa asked.
"Down that narrow hallway and the first hallway to the left." Flora detto while pointing down the hall.
"We need to capture her." one of the guards telepathically detto to all the guards.
(Their only telepathically communicating)
"Yes she has the ability to use the voice of nature, she can easily find the sacred dove."
"Hey te know what, I think we should see if the King of Seans thinks she could marry the prince."
"Okay then. We capture her and 4 of us take her to the mermaid guards. Let's go, drop your invisible sheilds and wipe them out except our victim!" The leader said.
They dropped the sheilds and began fighting.
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