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The winx were shocked as they saw 21 men appear in front of them with spears pointed at them.
"INTRUDERS!!" One guard yelled.
"Whoa whoa whoa, it's cool it's cool we come in peace." Riven stated nonchalantly.
"LAST TIME SOMEONE detto THAT TH SACRED colomba WAS THREATENED!! ATTACK!!" The leader yelled. 11 guards went for the winx (Including the leader) and the other 10 went after the specialist. after about 3 miutes of swinging staffs and swords. shooting spells. The leader detto (Telepathically),
"Use a wave spell to hit 'em against the wall. Make sure the victim goes a separate way." The guards did as expected. The wove their staffs in a semicircle, all at once and it made a wave that hit the winx and specialist against the bacheca Flora going to the left and the others to the right. The impact was so hard for them to get up.
"Nice." The leader said. Then he threw a knockout smoke bomb at Flora which turned to a gas around her.
"FLORA!" Helia yelled while trying to get up but was held down da 2 guards.
Flora coughed for a few secondi then she went unconscious.
"Perfection. Now, te two grab her!" The leader instructed. Then he walked over to the rest.
"Bye bye." He detto then he stomped once on the ground which made a booby trap open in the floor underneath the winx and specialist and close once they fell in.
"Alright now that that's done let's go take this girl to the Seans mermaid guardians." He said. *They walked down the narrow hallway, the two guards had Flora in between them holding her hands and her arms around their necks and her head limp. And still in her sirenix.
They walked to a room in the back that had a water hole. There were two merman guards sitting on land with their tales hanging in the water.
"State your business." One merman guard said.
"We have brought someone who we think could be the one the Seans king would want his son to marry." The leader said.
"mhm well theres just one problem. She ain't a mermaid." The guard said.
"Easy fix." the leader said. He walked in front of Flora and slowly made a bright rosa sphere in his hand and threw it a t Flora. She glowed a light rosa that evolved into a white light. Once it died down Flora was a mermaid. Her tail looked like her sirenix shoes combined into one with scales. Her superiore, in alto was basically her sirenix superiore, in alto cut in half. Her hair was in a shirley temple hairstyle and she had silver hoop earrings and silver bangles on her left wrist.
"Now shes valid." The leader said. They handed her off to the merman guards and both groups departed.

~Winx and specialist~
They were looking for the spot where the floor had opened so they could blast it and get out.
"Found it!" Sky yelled. while pointing at the spot in the ceiling.
"Okay winx let's do this." Bloom said.
The winx lined up in a line and they mustered up all the magic they could and then blasted the spot it blew up and the spce was large enough for them to fly through and the guys to climb up. They looked around for Flora and called her name but didn't see o hear anything.
"Dang it." Sky said.
"She must be hidden." Helia said.
"Hey look those look like someone was dragged." Timmy detto pointing at some tracks in the dirt.
"Great let's follow them." Bloom said.
They followed the trail and it led to the room.
"She's down there." Tecna said.
"Hey this is one of the entrances to Seans." Aisha pointed out.
"Well we know shes down there now but how do we find her there?" Stella asked.
"We use this." Tecna said. Everyone looked at her make a light purple orb in her hand.
"This will take us to her."
"Cool." Bloom said.
"Guys hold my hand." Aisha said.
"If we're going underwater your gonna need to be able to breathe underwater." She and the boys made a cerchio and gave them the ability to breathe underwater.
"Lets' go." Then they jumped in the water and followed the orb that showed them the way to get to Flora. The winx held their boyfriends hands in order to swim fast. Helia held on to sky's freehand since Flora wasn't there.
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Production will arcobaleno SPA seventh season. Title: "The power of time." Winx seek the stone of time can harm everyone to turn back when the world was in danger. This new enemies zameshena Winx - ARES, magicians and Mereyus. This stone once created time in order to rule the world. It was learned during the production start of the 7th season of Winx. In season seven time danny - unique idea. A transmission should begin after four full length movies, te probably will be after season 6 Winx. Iginio Straffi detto - we are currently working on season 6 of Winx, but it depends on the season and 7, the last in the United States.
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