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posted by florasedge31
Okay read this so it'll make some sense.
Bloom is in Aisha's body
Aisha is in Flora's body
Tecna is in in Musa's body
Flora is in Tecna's body
Musa is in Bloom's body
Keep this in mind. Good luck!
"WHAT DID te DO!?" The winx yelled at Stella.
"I honestly don't know, what did I do?" Stella asked confused.
"We switched bodies and none of us detto any spells." Bloom said.(In Aisha's body)
"Oh that's what it did?"
"YEAH!" The winx yelled.
"Wheres the book te had?" Flora asked. *In Tecna's body)
Stella walked over and picked up the book.
"Right here."
"Okay, find the counter spell so we can switch back." Flora said.
"Okay." Stella detto then started flipping through the pages. When she found the page she scanned through it she saw in big red letters,
uh oh. Stella thought.
"We have a problem. There's no counter spell." Stella detto nervously with her eyes closed and a cheesy smile.
"WHAT?!" The winx yelled and ran over an looked in the book.
"Great now what?" Musa asked. (In Bloom's body)
"To Ms. Faragonda's room!" Bloom yelled.
Then they went to Ms. Faragondas room.
"Hello girls what's wrong?"
The winx looked at Stella.
"Well I detto a spell out of a book and I accidentally made them switch bodies and the book detto the counter spell is unknown." Stella explained fast.
"Oh my." MF said.
"What?"Tecna asked.
"I'm afraid I don't know a counter spell either. I'll do some research I'll come to your dorm when I found a cure. te are dismissed from cleaning the library." MF said.
"Okay. Thanks Ms. F." Bloom said.
They left and went to their dorm.
"So now what?" Stella asked.
"We sit and wait." Aisha said.
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posted by floraisthebest2
Oh, te just have to be okay, Riven whispered. Uh, we didn't want to ask te this Riven, but what's going on with the three of you, Bloom asked. I've known them since they were babies, just leave it at that ok, Riven answered angrily. Ok, ok, no need to get all angry Riven, I'm sure she didn't mean to insult anyone, Brandon calmly said. Then everyone started to argue, no one noticed that Tecna and Flora were waking up. Helia and Timmy looked and was very happy that their girlfriends were awake at last. Guys, hush your mouths, their awake. Riven what's going on and why is everyone yelling, Flora...
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