Flora - Fairy of Nature
So, The Countdown concludes now and Results are here. Some Ranks are same as mine . "3 out of 11" Ranks are Same what I voted For. So Here is what te guys voted for....

Lets Start!

11. Bloomix


This is my 8th Favourite Transformation. I dislike this transformation but I don't think its worst transformation of Flora. but unfortunately other fan have different choices... I think her Hairstyle is the thing which makes this transformation bad.. o may be its her plant like Dress which doesn't work.. whatever it is but admit that her wings are awesome.

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10. Mythix


This is my Least Favourite Transformation. I just hate her outfit, Wings, Hairstyle and every other thing in this transformation. I and May be all other fan dislike this transformation because its a CGI Transformation. Otherwise its 2D version is not that bad. Her Wand is one of best looking Wands.

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9. Lovix


This is my 9th Favourite Transformation too. Even though this Transformation is very nice but other Transformations are even più beautiful than this one. Nothing is very likeable and nothing is really dislikeable in This transformation. There's Nothing più to say.

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8. Tynix


This is my 10th Favourite Transformation. Don't know what is good thing (other than her wings) in this transformation. I totally hate it. From outfit to hairstyle, everything is just bad. I wish her Hairstyle was like what it looked like in the beginning of transformation sequence. Those Diamonds just didn't work. I Amore her Wings da The Way.

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7. Sirenix


This is my 6th Favourite Transformation. Her Hairstyles is highlight of this Transformation. Her Outfit is good. I don't really like colori of this transformation but that fiore in her hair is just too good. complessivamente, generale this transformation is nice

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6. Harmonix


This is my 7th Favourite Transformation. Another of her best transformations. She is looking very nice just like all other Harmonix fairies. but May be Just Like me people doesn't like her Hairstyle much. Her outfit color is another bad point of this transformation.

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5. Sophix


This is my 5th Favourite Transformation. Definitely One of the Best Sophix. She is looking perfect fairy of Nature. From outfit to wings everything is full of Nature. I don't really think there's anything bad in this transformation but Definitely other Transformations which ranked higher are better.

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4. Butterflix


This is my 4th Favourite Transformation. Her Wings are very nice. Outfit is nice too. Her Sandals are also cool. Her Hairstyle is not so new in this one but complessivamente, generale she is looking really very pretty. Her colori are also awesome.

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3. Winx/Charmix

Magic Winx/Charmix

This is my 2nd Favourite Transformation. Even though this is my 2nd preferito transformation but I really wanted it to win. I Amore her Rose Shaped Outfit. Her petals like wings and her awesome boots. Definitely one of the best Magic Winx & THE BEST Charmix. She is looking Just Awesome and Perfect fiore Fairy in this Transformation.

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2. Believix


This is my Most Favourite Transformation. I Amore her believix. The only believix which I actually like very much. I know this is not a big point to like a transformation but I Amore her Believix Boots… Her Outfit and wings are very nice. She is looking the best in this transformation. Her Hairstyle is one of the best Hairstyles of Winx Club ever. I Amore her Flowery Wings. complessivamente, generale I Amore Her in this Transformation.

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1. Enchantix


This is my 3rd Favourite Transformation. I like this transformation very much. I knew from very start that this one is gonna win this Countdown as this transformation of Flora has so many fans. The only thing i dislike about this transformation is her wings. Otherwise Definitely a well deserved winner. Outfit is awesome and Barefoot Sandals are great. Her Hairstyle is Definitely fantastic. Congratulations to all fan who wanted to see Enchantix win.

Now, I want to say THANK YOU to All Winx Fans who Participated in This Countdown. Please do share your visualizzazioni on this Countdown. And Once Again Everyone has their own Opinions so we must respect other's Views.

Thank te For Your Participation.

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