Bloom's Butterflix vs. Fake Butterflix
When I take a look back to the past (Before Season 7 was released), I had thought of Bloom's Butterflix and her other arts that were either fanmade o hoaxes. Suddenly, I had stumbled onto one of them when I did a Google Search. Do te remember the image? The one image that had Bloom and Flora's 'Butterflix'.

Well, I did a comparison and a contrasting between the two. As te can see the two images, te can observe similarities of the two with the Official Butterflix and the Hoax Butterflix.

Look at Bloom's "Butterflix".

1) Wings: The wings are alike in their shape and patterns. As te can see, they are rosa with a glow, and they have patterns that almost match one another.

2) Barrette: Both of the immagini include the farfalla barrette is on the right side of her head (Our perspective is on the left).

3) Wrist Accessories: Both of the pictures shown have Bloom having butterfly-pattern cuff on her right wrist.

4) Hair: As te look up closer with Bloom, her bangs seem alike. With the hoax, her bangs were towards her right side just like her official look. They aren't truly alike, but it is quite close with each other. (Please note that the top image is a fanart on Deviantart. I take no credit about this, and please observe the bottom image of Bloom's Close Up.)

5) Butterflix Frill: Instead of thin shoulder straps for the Butterflix dress, there are frills for straps for both looks. There are also frills on the skirts as well.

This had meant the one who had created this fake screenshot was one of the closest people to revealing Season 7's Butterflix designs. There were many più similarities than other hoaxes I had seen.

So, this is my quick research about Bloom's Butterflix and the hoax art. To me, the one who created the hoax was pretty close to arcobaleno Inc's design of the Dragon Flame Fairy's Butterflix. I must say, I am actually a bit impressed da how similarities were present.

I hope you understand my article. Thanks for reading about my research.
What Do te Think?