Princess Brenda of Frigon slowly walked towards Alfea College for Fairies. Her white cat Diamond followed behind. Brenda had long blonde hair with a snow-white streak in her hair. Her bangs were side parted and had ice blue streaks. She wore a ice blue headband with beautiful white diamonds and ice blue diamond earrings. She had on a white sleevles vintage white superiore, in alto camicetta with white diamond bracelets. She had on ice blue skinny jeans, a belt, and blue high heels. She had on ice blue eyeshadow, mascara, pale rosa lipstick, and pale ice blue eyes. "Here it is, Diamond. Alfea! My dream school!" Brenda stopped walking. She let go of her suitcase and picked up Diamond to per her. Diamond had white pelliccia and grey eyes. She had on a beautiful blue collare with clear diamonds. "Brenda! OMG, its been forever!" Brenda turned around. Princess Shannon of Calipsyon ran up to her. Shannon had long brown hair in a high ponytail with a one side parted bang above her dark purple eyes. She had on a dark purple frilly t-shirt with a few black ruffles below the collar, and wore a light purple scarf. She had on a black cintura and black skinny jeans. She had on dark purple high heels and pearl bracelets on each wrists. She had on pearl earrings and a pearl choker. She had on dark purple eyeshadow, mascara, and red lipstick. Brenda squealed. "Shannon! It been so long!" When Brenda ran to Shannon, small snowflakes flew from her hair. Shannon and Brenda hugged each other, and smiled. Shannon replied, "I can't believe we're going to the same school together!" Brenda giggled. "I know, right?" The Friends let go of each other and walked to their dorms. Once they got there, they found four other girls in there. Each of the girls gasped when they came in. "Shannon, Brenda! Your here! Miss Faragonda told us all about you!" Sad a girl with long dark hair. Another girl with short electric blue hair walked over. "Hi. I'm Tenissa, and this is Felicity, Mandy, and Ameena." Felicity had long dark hair brushed down neatly and brown eyes. Her skin was a little tan, but normal skin tone. She had on a lime, calce green sleeveless ruffled mini dress and a dark brown pearl choker. She had on a dark brown bracelet on her left wrist and a plain band on the other. She had on dark brown stilettos, and grey tights. She had arancia, arancio eyeshadow, mascara, and pesca, peach lipstick. Mandy had neon red hair straight down with bangs. She had purple eyes and a pair of dark purple and black beats on her head. She wore a neon purple mini dress with a sleeveless tank-top part and a cintura with a purple gonna that's bottom reached above her knees a little. She had see-through black pizzo stockings with darker polka-dots. She wore red pumps and two red bracelets on her left wrists and about five low necklaces around her neck. She wore lavender eyeshadow, mascara, and neon red lipstick to match her hair. Brenda could tell that Mandy was a party-girl. Tenissa had electric blue hair chopped at shoulder length and lightning yellow eyes. She had on a light yellow camicetta wth a ruffled collare decorated with clear diamonds. She had on a cintura and light blue skinny jeans with light yellow pumps. She had on electric blue eyeshadow, mascara, and pesca, peach lipstick. On her eyes were red diamond glasses. Ameena had silvery hair with red streaks in two puffy pom-pom-like pigtails down. Shs had tan copper skin and red lips. She had on a gray wide tank superiore, in alto above her stomach and was low below her lefr shoulder. Written on the tank superiore, in alto in red capitalised letters was "BAD GIRL" and wore a red tank superiore, in alto under. She wore black tights and a cintura on and red shorts. She wore a black headband with a neon red bow on it. She had rosa eyes, mascara, red eyeshadow, and red jewel earrings. Brenda smiled. "Wow! te all look so amazing! I Amore all your clothes!" Shannon joined in. "Yeah! Your looks are tre magnifique!" All the girls giggled. "Thanks. Each of our looks are from our planets: Felicity is the Princess of Akerra, Mandy is the Princess of Surgipol, Ameena is the Princess of Osydia, and I'm the Princess of Borillith." Tenissa said. Shannon gasped. "No way! We're princesses too! I'm the Princess of Calipsyon, and Brenda is the Ptincess of Frigon!" She detto while smiling. The girls laughed together. "I guess we've all been assigned with other princesses as doormates," Mandy said.

(12 minuti later...)

The girls held on to their pillows while laughing. "Okay, okay, okay. Shannon, truth o dare?" Mandy asked, clutching on to her pillow. Shannon giggled. "Well, I certainly don't want to ruin my manicure on a dare, so I pick truth." She detto firmly. Mandy grew a sly smiled. "Fine. Who do te have a mega crush on?" She asked. Shannon's smile widened and she sighed dreamily. "Well, I know he's already taken da the BIGGEST DRAMA Queen in the world, I still think that he is the hottest guy in the world!" She sighed looking off into space. The girls huddled her in silence. Ameena birrowed her brows. "Well, who is it?!" She cried. Shannon sighed. "His name is Brandon," She sighed heavenly when shd detto his name. The girls looked at each other. "Brandon, huh? Sounds like a cutie." Felicity said, and nudged Shannon. Brenda looked confused. "Wait. te detto he was already taken da 'the biggest drama Queen in the world,' so who is he dating?" She asked. Shannon frowned and growled. "Princess Stella of Solaria, a total diva, who just so happens to be part of my LEAST preferito group of all time, the Winx." She gritted. All the girls groaned at the name. Mandy scoffed. "Ugh! I absolutely HATE the Winx! Especially that wannabe Musa! So what if she has music!" She said. Tenissa rolled her eyes. "You think Musa's bad? According to my calculations, 100% Tecna's the worst." She detto smugly. Felicity groaned. "Well, I hate the wannabe earth fairy. Flora most of all! She fills up almost every rock landscape with overflowing nature! Sure I only like the pretty flowers, but I preferred the land barren with rocks!" She slammed her balled fist onto the bed. Ameena looked away. "Well if te ask me, Aisha is the worst. She gets pitied all beacuse her boyfriend died, and now she is completely fine with the two new boys fighting over her!" She detto with a scowl. Brenda had the same look as all the others. "Well, Bloom is the worst out of all of them. So what she has the Dragon Flame? And she gets picked to lead that team because of it?! Wannabe! And now she is pitied because of what happened to her parents and kingdom!" All the girls groaned. Felicity sighed. "I still hate them, but at the same time, I want to BE them. I wish WE could protect the Magic Dimension, and mostra those showoffs who's più powerful," Suddenley, a light bulb went off in Brenda's head. "Hey! Why don't we make our OWN Winx Club?" She suggested. All the girls looked at her. Mandy blinked twice. "She's right! It's time a new Winx emerged! A better one!" She said. Tenissa smiled big. "But we'll need a name. And we're still beginner fairies," She said, her smile dampening. Shannon stood up. "But the Winx started out as beginners, and look where that got them! They may be Bloomix fairies, but if we start doing what they did, then we might even get a transformation above Bloomix!" All the girls looked at each other smiling. "But what will our names be? The New Winx Club?" Ameena asked. "Ooh! How about Shannon and the Fairies?" Shannon detto posing. Brenda tapped on her chin. "Ooh, ooh! How about the Dazzlix Club?!" She yelled. All the girls smiled widely and cheered. "The Dazzlix Club! It's perfect!" Shannon clapped her hands together. "Dazzlix Club FOREVER!" The girls clapped their hands in the air, cheering for the new Club.
(Too be continued...)