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There is a tie between Daphne, Mitzi, Stormy & Anagon…

Daphne is Bloom's older sister, and the oldest daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino. She was a spirit living as a nymph bound to the bottom of Lake Roccaluce in Magix, as she was killed 16 years before the beginning of the events of the mostra when the Ancestral Witches destroyed her kingdom and returned to Domino after it was restored in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.

Mitzi was and is a school rival and neighbor of Bloom inGardenia. Socially ambitious to a fault, she spent the larger portion of her life...
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Bloom, Musa, Riven, and Sky walked quietly behind Ember while she chattered away about the summer sector of the island, how it was the home of her fellow amazon sisters and the ultimate region of the shining sun.
Unbeknownst to Ember, none of them were listening to a word coming out of her mouth. Instead, they were all hoping più than anything else that they hadn't been found out.
Bloom especially couldn't help feeling guilty about attacking Solstice and Amaryllis and robbing them of their eyesight as well as their most precious possessions. But she reminded herself that it was for their own...
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Back in the realm of Iris...

The girl came charging down through the tall shelves, skidding around the corners, before sliding to a stop in front of a shivering Layla.
"What?" the girl gasped. "What do te need?"
Layla flipped through the book frantically, shoved it into the girl's hands, and pressed her finger onto one paragraph. "Read it," she gasped. "Out loud. Read it to me. This paragraph to the end. Quick!"
"Um...okay," she murmured. She scanned the page and cleared her throat.
"The siren Alena is one of the many magical deities of the island, worshipped as a goddess of the sea. Legend...
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posted by AngelUchihaNeko
Age:19 years old
Planet:Aquania (a Planet made of water just the castello is on a big hill)
Powers:Water Stars
Appearance:brown hair and blue eyes,pale skin
Clothing color:mostly viola and blue
Boyfriend:Logan(a specialist from Red Fountain)
Bio:She lived on the Earth thinking she is a normal girl until she found her Powers out as she saved her best friend Kate which is the Daughter of Flora. She took her to Alfea and she now is in the Sirenix. She loves this transformation because she loves Water because of her powers. She hasn't a sister/brother and is the Princess of Aquania.
 Jinny in her Sirenix (I know she looks like Bloom)
Jinny in her Sirenix (I know she looks like Bloom)
"Hello!" cried a cheery female voice.
Stella, Flora, Layla, Tecna, and the Specialists all jumped.
The voice sounded young and youthful. Whoever the fonte of the voice was, she couldn't be any older than Roxy.
"I've been waiting for te for a long time."
Stella put her middle and index fingers together, ready to attraversare, croce them over her head and transform in case this person was one of the Trix in disguise.
"Who are you?" she called out.
"Why do you need to know?" the voice snapped back in an irritated tone.
"Are te going to hurt us?" Layla shouted.
"Why would I do that? te know what, don't answer...
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posted by Jekyde
In a large, pitch-black room, an elderly woman sat at her desk, looking at several papers. She picked one up with her pale, bony fingers and let her eyes wander across it from behind her spectacles.

"No," she whispered to herself. "This just doesn't seem right. It's all uneven. Terribly unbalanced..."

All of a sudden, a man burst through a door, allowing light to flow into it. He wore a suit, and a confident smile on his face. The man strode in gallantly, and pulled the pipe out of his mouth.

"Hey, darlin'," the man placed his elbow on the edge of the woman's desk. "How's the balance been recently?"...
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posted by lovebaltor
Once I stood behind my man,
We had all eternity,
Until she came and took it away.

Sorrow now fills my mind,
This Amore is killing me...
He is no longer mine...

He's gone away,
Leaving me in all my misery,
Just to be with her.

The lucky red-headed,
Blue-eyed princess,
Who seems to be the best thing to ever grace this Earth...

He was my beloved,
We were to be one,
Why did he have to leave?

This is the cuore te have left yearning; soul that burning died,
These are the eyes that still are crying,
Tears I'm trying to hide;

I'm his forgotten bride...

Once I stood beside my man,
In love; hand-in-hand,
Tell me why...
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When Bloom was in seventh grade, she had a really strange dream.
That evening before she had the dream, she had helped her mother bring in the groceries while her father was watching "The Ring." While she was taking eggs into the kitchen, she got a glimpse of the famous scene of Samara crawling out of the Televisione and into the living room of a man in the movie.
She tried not to pay attention to it. It had worked, until Bloom fell asleep at night.
That night, Bloom dreamt that Samara crawled out of her television, into her living room, and chased her all over the house and then out into Gardenia....
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posted by Flora_xx
So sorry it's late! Been really busy and now school will be back soon! I know it's kinda short but I've got writers block! Noooo! Oh and no pictures cuz this is on my iPod
Previously on Decisions...

"Woah, the only feature on her face te see is her lips? Creepy..." Stella shivered

"The only domanda left is..." Tecna started

"Who's out to get Flora?"


As the nights went by, Flora kept on reliving that night and each time she saw the faceless girl, a new feature was there. In her first nightmare it was just her...
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A gigantic purple orb the size of four basketballs appeared in front of Musa at her command.
"Mega sonic burst!" The orb exploded against Moonless Night and the nube, nuvola shivered wildly. Weak bolts of lightning pulsed and crackled as viola waves reverberated in the air, disintegrating dark gray puffs of cloud.
"Shockwave crash!" Musa sent two tunnels of viola rings on a collision course spiraling into the cloud. The spell knocked it several yards backward. Red and purple sparks dropped into the sea, disappearing as they touched the water's surface.
Musa kept firing the unbelievably powerful...
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Dark storm clouds filled the air.
"Oh, great," Stella snarled as she squeezed up underneath the leafy canopy of their temporary shelter. "That's the last thing we need right now. Rain."
"How so?" Layla laughed. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth as rain came pouring down. "We can catch some in our water bottles. And since we're so close to the island, I've heard that the rainwater here is fresher than anything."
The droplets of rain glowed sky-blue and smelled like pine needles and starlight. Stella stayed under the canopy and watched as Layla and Nabu laughed and splashed water...
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Dear readers,

Sorry yet AGAIN for the delay; my parents decided to drag me camping in a filthy log cabina owned da my dad's friend and I had no internet access there (curses!) so...yeah. Oh, and also we went river rafting and I almost Lost my shoe to the rapids and also I got hit in the face with a albero branch and got knocked out of the zattera into freezing-cold river water. Yippee. Anyway, I hope te enjoy this successivo chapter!

-TheFan2000 :D

"You must be hungry," detto Ember. Bloom nodded eagerly. "Come with me, we'll have some Cibo and water ready. How long do te think it will take for your friends...
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posted by Flora_xx
 Will Layla find out who hurt Flora?"
Will Layla find out who hurt Flora?"
Previously on Decisions...

Flora's pont of view

Suddenly it threw something at me and my vision started blacking out. Blotches of black invade my sight, I want to say something, anything, but my brain thinks of something else. I feel my body collapse to the ground but suprisingly, I feel no pain... wait, I spoke (thought?) too soon. Pure agony surges through my veins and I can't hold it in any more, I let out a bloodcurdling scream and let darkness take over.


Layla's Point of view

"Flora! Flora!" I yelled,...
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posted by sweetkandi
 choosing clothes
choosing clothes
Flora was practising on how to create a human-friendly fiore da adding her guardian powers to create love, care and emotions and plus to keep it healthy as well.Stella was flicking through fashion magazines when she saw an advertisment on entering a fashion show, it read:

To all te fashion experts out there, come and unisciti the spring fashion mostra and auditions successivo week- wear something that screams pazzow! It's SUMMER! Don't forget your touch of unique taste which doesn't clash your outfit!

Alfea practically was shaken for a minuto then lifted off the ground with a mini earthquake while birds...
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posted by Flora_xx
Previously on Decisions....

A fairly short girl with medium length black hair, dark brown eyes and blood red lips stepped into the room.

"Hello Helia"

Helia gasped, he couldn't believe his eyes, she was...she was...

"You're the princess!"


"Yes honey, she is the princess"

"The princess of Sondia to be exact!" Harold (Helia's father) pointed out

"You got me engaged with the princess of Sondia? Our realm's princess?" Helia was speechless

"That's me" Acacia replied "Why don't we go on a walk to get to know...
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posted by socute4u
At there room tecna and the winx explains what happened.
"what did he say tecna!" asked Stella.
"your uh...*sniff* uh..*sniff*" tecna couldn't talk, she was too busy crying her eyes out.
"your uh, Ugly idiot" detto tecna.
Saying it throught her own mouth made her cry harder.
"why is Timmy so like this?" Asked Musa.
"he is under a spell, a very dark one"said bloom.
"Ofcourse!" yelled tecna popping up.
"we have to go save him, but who would do it?" asked flora.
"the Trix" detto bloom.
"errrrgggg, I am tired of them! When will they learn to back off!" yelled Musa.
"calm down Musa, we are not sure THEY did...
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posted by socute4u
Sorry for making it late! I was busy, I hope te understand.

At red fountain....
"hey, sky, have te seen Timmy?" asked bloom
"yes, but he acks...strange" detto sky.
"why?" asked sky
"because, Timmy broke up with me, I have to know why!" yelled tecna
"wow, well, I will go get him" detto sky.
He ran to get him.
While, tecna turned her back and cried.
"tecna? Are te okay?" asked Musa
"are te sure"
"what?!" yelled Timmy.
"Timmy?" asked tecna.
Timmy had looked più like a bad guy then a cute geek.
"what happen to you?" asked tecna
"what do te mean" detto Timmy, sarcasticly
"let's leave te guys...
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posted by Flora_xx
 There's some Flora and Helia drama stirring up...
There's some Flora and Helia drama stirring up...
Previously on Decisions...

"Helia, son, there is no easy way to tell te this but te cannot be with Flora" His dad said

"What? Why?" Helia shouted, outraged

"You're betrothed to another girl"



"Helia, I never knew te were engaged!" Flora said, looking at her boyfriend for answers

"Neither did I" Helia detto glaring at his parents, if looks could kill, both of them would be on the floor as dead as a well...a dead person.

"Listen son, we got te engaged so that it would help our family. te know we need money right now,...
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posted by Flora_xx
 Will Helia's parents be accepting?
Will Helia's parents be accepting?
SO SORRY IT'S SO LATE! I've been on holiday for the past week! I know what you're thinking, excuses, excuses....
Previously Helia asked Flora to meet his parents but he was nervous cuz his parents are really strict....


In the squad ship

"So Helia, what's Sondia (I made that up) like?" Stella asked "Any good shopping malls?"

Helia chuckled at her question. We're on our way to one of the most biggest realms in the universe of Magix and all she can think of is shopping, typical Stella he thought. Brandon seemed to be thinking the same thing.

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1.Your favorit colors?

a)Bright ones!Yellow,pink,orange,light green..

b)Blue o white..maybe brown..

c)Dark ones.

2.What's your favorit school subject?




3.What is your goal in life?

a)To have lots and Lost of friends!

b)Just to do what i Amore doing.

c)To be known and remembered for something.

4.Your worst fear?

a)Being buried alive. *shivers*


c)That Light Haven exists,and i'm going to be send there..

5.What do te Amore the most?

a)My Friends and/or my boy/girl.

b)Winning and the ladys/guys.

c)Seeing others suffer.


Most a) -You are a fairy!

You like bright colori and you...
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