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Stella yawned heavily as she heaved herself across the alfea corridoors, so bored she wanted to curl up and go to sleep.
'It's not my fault what had happened.' She thought
scorning Grizelda, for she was the one who had made her teach a few first years on fiore magic.
She shuddered as she saw back to the accident.
It was just after A shopping trip with the other winx girls and well, she splashed out a bit, still how was she supposed to know that alfea would be flooded neck high with the latest designer outfits? So now she has to serve the school, even worst teaching lesson! As if she had enough...
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Just that everyday I see a Flora article! I decide to make an articolo about her, where she dies to save her Friends *and will come back*. Enjoy!


"Hold together, Winx!" Bloom shouted while she and the Winx battle the Trix. "I can't hold anymore, let's give up!" Stella said. "Stella!" Bloom and Layla shouted. "Girls, we have to not let the Trix get this golden circle! Hold on to it!" Musa detto as she let go of the golden circle. "Sonic Sphere!" She blasted to Darcy and Stormy. "If Flora was still here!" Tecna said. "She can really hold this cerchio since she has a bond with it!" Layla shouted....
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 who doesn't Amore Flora?
who doesn't love Flora?
Previous Chapter: Flora and Layla arrived at Alfea for help of Faragonda. Faragonda showed Flora a secret room where she hid a magic ball that was from the Trix. The magic ball showed her where the lupo hid her sister and father. The girls, and surprisingly the Specialists were going too to help Flora. Before entering the spaceship, Flora ignored Helia. So, what will await now for the girls and guys?


So after everybody entered the spaceship, the girls sat down on the usual place and the boys sat too in their...
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