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 Winx Harmonix ~ wallpaper
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One giorno in alfea...
Flora:what happen?
Bloom:Sky haven't called me!
Flora:Be Patient bloom...
Bloom:I can't! remember when i want to pee i can't find a bathroom and i pee in my underwear!
Flora:Well now u need to be più patient then that
Bloom: NO! i will call him right now!
on the phone
Bloom:SKY! Why haven't u call me?
Sky:ummmm... Bloom i have to......
practice yes....practice so i cannot call u very often
Bloom:WHAT?! u didin't call me for 5 months is that enough?
Sky: plzz bloom forgive me ok?
Bloom:alright but u act kinda strange. ..
Sky: what is the diffrence?iam my old self!...
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Winx Club begins their third anno in Alfea and the girls learn about their unique Enchantix transformations, acquired da sacrifing themselves for someone from their own world. Meanwhile, Trix, previously banished to the Omega Dimension, escape with Valtor, a sorcerer partially responsible for the destruction of Bloom's home realm, Domino. They chose to cooperate and plan to invade several areas in the realm of Magix and seek vengeance on those who imprisoned them da stealing the magic treasures and power sources of each realm. It is up to the Winx Club to stop their evil plans!
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The Scene
All stumped and unable to think of a plan, the winx and specialists go to the winx's dorm to continue thinking. It's been almost an hour, and nothing has changed. Aisha had went to go get Calypso from the infirmary and brought her back to the dorm.

"This is hopeless I can't think of anything!" Stella shouted while throwing her arms in the air and walking into her room. A secondo later they heard a thud and things clattering on the floor.
"Shoot!" Stella yells.
The winx walk over and see that she has tripped over a loose chain hanging out of her jewelry box. And all of her jewelry...
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