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Nickelodeon and Italian animazione studio Winx Club, officially announced the production of the Winx Club Season 6. They will be 26 new episodes that will air worldwide through Nickelodeon in 2014. The first trailer for the new season will be released in October.

The successivo anno will also be released feature film based on the series. The production of this film was already Nickelodeon plans when it acquired the Italian production with the franchise in 2010.

But the news does not end there. Addition of the sixth season, arcobaleno and began planning new seasons of Winx Club. If all goes according to plan, the idea is to launch new episodes successivo anno and further increase the number fan worldwide.

Currently, Nickelodeon is working on a licensing plan to launch various products based on the series. New features include mobile applications and even game consoles.
In 2014, the fate will be 10 years old and many new features are being planned for this commemoration.
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